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To lead ‘Audience First’ strategy, CNN appoints Rob Bradley and Cathy Ibal

Madhushree Chakrabarty October 30, 2020

Rob Bradley and Cathy Ibal has been appointed by CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) as the two joint heads of CNN’s international advertising sales business and will lead CNNIC’s ‘Audience First’ strategy. They will be responsible to give advertisers and brands a greater access to global solutions from CNN Worldwide and the broader WarnerMedia portfolio.

CNNIC’s ‘Audience First’ strategy put the audiences at the heart of campaign and will not focus on geography or platform. These new positions are a combination of client development, ad sales, branded content, digital and data capabilities, trade marketing and events. Rob Bradley and Cathy Ibal, in these new roles, will be solely focussed on delivering and creating solutions for the clients who have the biggest impact on a global scale with defined audiences and also who enhances the audiences’ advertising experiences all across CNN’s platforms.

Rob Bradley will be leading advertising sales across Asia Pacific, including Australia, and Latin America and will also be responsible for the international digital and data development of CNNIC. Corinna Keller, Vice President for Advertising Sales, Latin America, and Tini Sevak, Vice President, Audiences & Data, both will report to him. Bradley will have to relocate to Asia in the year 2021 and will continue with his global role.

Cathy Ibal is going to lead advertising sales for all EMEA and will be responsible for international client development of CNNIC. James Hunt, Senior Vice President, Global Client Solutions, will report to Cathy Ibal and will continue to oversee all client servicing functions within CNNIC.

Rob Bradley and Cathy Ibal both will be reporting to Rani Raad, President, CNN Worldwide Commercial.

“We are optimising how we partner with brands to have maximum impact with audiences at a time of accelerated change in both consumer behaviour and the way advertisers are connecting with customers,” said Rani Raad. “Cathy and Rob have an excellent track record in working collaboratively with clients and across CNN to develop and execute sophisticated campaigns that no other media can match. With this structure and strategy in place, we will connect brands with audiences like never before and continue to drive great audience experience with our commercial content and advertising.”


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