PPL India Appoints Sanjay Tandon as Independent Director

: Sanjay Tandon, CEO of ISRA, appointed as Independent Director of PPL India.


PPL India, a music licensing company, appoints Sanjay Tandon, CEO of ISRA, as Independent Director to foster collaboration and create a thriving ecosystem for all stakeholders.


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Sanjay Tandon’s Appointment as Independent Director: A Promising Step Towards a Thriving Music Industry

The recent appointment of Mr. Sanjay Tandon as an Independent Director at PPL India signifies a significant milestone in the music licensing company’s journey towards fostering collaboration, understanding, and unity within the industry. With his extensive experience and expertise in copyright administration, Mr. Tandon’s inclusion on the Board of Directors brings new hope for creating a thriving and equitable environment for all stakeholders involved in the Indian music industry.

Having spent 27 years in the industry, Mr. Tandon has been a staunch advocate for the Collective Management of Copyright in Music India, which emphasizes the importance of bringing artists/musicians and music companies together. His unwavering dedication to building a copyright environment in India that respects the rights of both users and artist/owner communities is commendable, and his appointment to PPL India’s Board reflects the company’s commitment to furthering its growth and ensuring a prosperous future for all involved.

Under Mr. Tandon’s leadership as the CEO of the Indian Singers’ Rights Association (ISRA), he has played a pivotal role in addressing industry challenges, and his strategic vision will undoubtedly contribute to bridging the gap between music artists and repertoire owners. By fostering adherence within the marketplace, PPL India aims to create an environment where all stakeholders can thrive and prosper collectively.

The inclusion of Mr. Tandon on PPL India’s esteemed Board of Directors is a testament to his profound understanding of copyright matters and his significant experience in the Indian music industry. His appointment brings valuable expertise and insights that will undoubtedly benefit the company’s strategic direction and decision-making processes.

With Mr. Tandon’s arrival, the bond between singers, musicians, and music companies is further strengthened, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration. This news fills the industry with assurance and optimism, as it signifies the collective determination to propel the music industry towards continued growth and prosperity.

Overall, Mr. Sanjay Tandon’s appointment as an Independent Director at PPL India marks a promising milestone towards creating a thriving music industry in India. His expertise, strategic vision, and commitment to copyright administration are valuable assets that will undoubtedly contribute to PPL India’s growth story and bring about an environment where copyright is respected and all stakeholders benefit. This step highlights the industry’s commitment to unity and collaboration, setting the stage for a bright future ahead.


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PPL India Appoints Sanjay Tandon as an Independent Director

PPL India a music licensing company controlling over 4 million domestic and international sound recordings in several languages, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Sanjay Tandon, an esteemed figure in the copyright administration and the current CEO of the Indian Singers’ Rights Association (ISRA) as an Independent Director.

He has been in the industry for the past 27 years and he was the one who started the movement of Collective Management of Copyright in Music India. This is a momentous occasion that aims to bring artists/musicians and music companies together to ensure a thriving and equitable environment for all stakeholders.

Speaking about his appointment Mr. Tandon expressed, “I am honoured to join the Board of Directors of PPL India. I strongly believe that by fostering collaboration, understanding, and unity, we can create a thriving ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. I look forward to working with the board and the management team to ensure that PPL India continues its growth story. I also look forward to contributing my might in bringing about a good copyright environment in India where copyright is respected and both user and artist/owner communities stand to prosper collectively.”

“I am delighted to welcome Mr. Sanjay Tandon as an Independent Director on the Board of PPL India. With his strategic vision and the pivotal role, he has been playing in addressing industry challenges, Sanjay will help PPL bridge together the music artist fraternity together with the repertoire owners to create adherence within the marketplace.” said Mr. Mandar Thakur, Chairman, PPL India.

“With this major step of our CEO Shri Sanjay Tandon joining the Board of PPL, the bond between singers & musicians and music companies is strengthened further. We are all very assured that with this step and with his experience and expertise, the music industry will now grow further for the benefit of all.” Anup Jalota, Chairman, ISRA.

“We extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to Mr. Sanjay Tandon as he joins PPL India’s esteemed Board of Directors. His extensive expertise and profound understanding of copyright matters, along with his significant experience in the Indian music industry, make him a valuable addition to PPL’s Board.” G.B. Aayeer, MD, PPL India.


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