Dentsu International Appoints Chief HR Officer for South Asia

Rohit Suri holds an extensive experience of 23 years

Rohit Suri has been appointed by Dentsu International as the Chief HR Officer (CHRO), South Asia, effective 15 September 2021. The appointment is designed to unlock higher levels of business performance, solution-led strategies and innovation for its people and clients. It is also the key to the dentsu India 2.0 transformation agenda.

Rohit is based out of Mumbai and as per the appointment, he will be building a high-performance team in India and Sri Lanka. He will also be responsible for establishing new skills and talent initiatives while shaping a people-oriented, value-led culture.

Rohit Suri will report to Ashish Bhasin, CEO dentsu Asia Pacific (APAC) and Chairman dentsu India and Kinch Ong, Regional HR Director, dentsu APAC.

Ashish Bhasin, CEO dentsu APAC and Chairman dentsu India, said, “This is the beginning of our transformation journey and the dentsu India 2.0 path to success. Rohit is a proven, dedicated talent acquisition expert, within the industry and beyond, in driving a high-performance culture. With Rohit on board, he will be a leading force in our journey in building a new team for South Asia. He will ensure we have a compelling talent acquisition strategy for future talent. This is crucial as the region accelerates in growth and continues on the journey to realising our global ambition of becoming the most integrated network in the world, making us more agile and simpler for our clients to access our world-class capabilities and talents.”

Rohit Suri, Chief HR Officer, dentsu South Asia, commented, “This is an exciting time and opportunity to join dentsu and be part of a pioneering team of next-generation leaders. With the pandemic, it is important, now more than ever, that we create real human connections and build a powerful culture. How can we bring incremental value by fostering a team spirit of excellence and togetherness? This is what I plan to achieve, together with my team, in the coming months and I cannot wait to get started.”

Kinch Ong, Regional HR Director, dentsu Asia Pacific, said, “Rohit is a pivotal hire for our team, a well-known name in the industry with a solid track record that we are confident will extend to our dentsu HR function through the impact from his integral role in India’s transformation 2.0. We look forward to having him join us, working together to advance our efforts to cement dentsu Asia Pacific as an employer of choice for people across the region.”

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