ShopClues appoints Shrey Srivastava as Chief Human Resource Officer

Shrey Srivastava

ShopClues, one of India’s oldest and biggest e-commerce platforms has elevated Shrey Srivastava as the new Chief Human Resource officer. Srivastava has also been appointed as the Division Head of General Administration and Finance (GAF).

In his new role, Srivastava will be responsible for the effective evaluation and implementation of all Human Resource systems of the marketplace. He will also maintain the Company’s work culture, manage staff, assets as well as the compensation structure.

Srivastava brings to the table a decade-long corporate experience in Human Resource functions. He has been associated with ShopClues since 2015 when he joined as a Tech & Product specialist and the HR Business Partner for the leadership team and quickly made his mark as a people’s person.

“At ShopClues, we want to be at the forefront of change. Be it the pandemic or the recent advancements in AI or the current economic challenges.Post the pandemic, we have dynamically evolved to embrace the ‘hybrid’ working model. We’ve also increased productivity across all domains by the implementation of cutting edge technologies and softwares thereby helping us maintain a lean and extremely efficient team.

We aim to create a workplace culture that is collaborative, empowering, competitive and instils a sense of empathy and kindness among our teams. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion lie at the heart of all our HR processes. I look forward to helping ShopClues build a strong reputation as an elated, thriving workplace by putting in place progressive HR practices,” said Shrey Srivastava.

Prior to joining ShopClues, Srivastava, who is a Benaras Hindu University (BHU) and TATA Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) alumni, worked with two companies including MTC and Parth Infosystems where he picked up the nuances of HR. When Shrey is not busy connecting with people, he loves to travel and stay updated on the latest technologies.

ShopClues recently won the Government e Marketplace (GeM) contract for ‘Catalogue Management’ second time in a row. The e-commerce platform announced the appointment of Anuraag Gambhir as the new MD in November last year and Ajay Kumar Singh as the new CTO in March this year.

Post its acquisition by Qoo10 in 2019, ShopClues has put in place a robust growth and expansion strategy to facilitate seamless cross-border trade between India and South-east Asian countries like Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

The platform is currently focussing on strengthening its manpower structures, functioning and experiences across these regions through the deployment and management of a range of Human resources solutions under the guidance and expertise of Srivastava.

2 thoughts on “ShopClues appoints Shrey Srivastava as Chief Human Resource Officer

  1. Ayon Mukherjee

    Release the pending payments of the merchants…Your site is now in fully operational mode like every other e-commerce site…ALL e-commerce sites are now in fully working order & paying to all their merchants…
    So, why are you holding the payments of the merchants & every time giving the excuse of lock-down ?? NOVEMBER to till Now not get any amount at Least 36000 due at Billing cycle Label
    If Lock down keeps extending till December, so Shop clues will pay the merchants in the next few years ??
    You don’t at all value your merchants who bring you sales everyday even in the lockdown period…
    Please release the pending payments of the merchants now as your site is in fully working mode now…
    And Please do not reply to me the same thing, I will be contacted…I had to contact you at least 15-16 times
    in your Customer care & also 6-7 times to create a ticket…You have NEVER sorted any of my issues

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