Statiq Appoints Aditya Mishra as CFO to Drive Expansion of EV Charging Network



Statiq, India’s largest electric vehicle charging network, has appointed Aditya Mishra as its new CFO to lead corporate finance and drive vertical growth for the company’s expansion plans.


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Statiq’s Strategic Appointment of Aditya Mishra as CFO Sets Foundation for Future Growth

The recent announcement of Statiq appointing Aditya Mishra as its new Chief Financial Officer signifies a significant move that is expected to propel the company towards achieving its long-term growth objectives. With a proven track record and extensive experience in finance and accounts, supply chain management, and transformation management, Mishra brings a wealth of expertise that aligns perfectly with Statiq’s vision for expansion and becoming the leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network in India.

Statiq, being the largest EV charging network in India, has been steadfast in its commitment to providing smart energy solutions to meet the country’s present and future energy needs. By making this strategic appointment, Statiq aims to solidify its position in the market and effectively cater to the increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure across the nation. Mishra’s appointment comes at a crucial time when Statiq is embarking on an ambitious expansion campaign, as they recognize the immense growth potential in the EV sector in India.

This move demonstrates the company’s proactive approach in identifying and attracting top talent to drive its corporate finance and business growth objectives. According to Akshit Bansal, CEO of Statiq, the right talent and experience are essential to achieving the company’s short and long-term objectives, and he expresses his satisfaction in having Mishra join the team during this critical phase.

Mishra himself is enthusiastic about the new challenge and admires Statiq’s achievements within a relatively short period. His appointment indicates his confidence in the company’s ambitious goals and its commitment to supporting the Indian government’s plan for energy transition through greater EV adoption. By leveraging his expertise in finance and innovation, Mishra aims to ensure Statiq’s financial stability, significantly increase its worth and equity, and maintain a steady growth trajectory.

By establishing a positive and secure financial culture grounded in data-driven decision-making, Statiq can pave the way for successful expansion plans. Mishra’s focus on performance as a means to sustain growth highlights his strategic thinking and dedication to transforming Statiq into an esteemed entity from a financial perspective. This emphasis on stability, profitability, and growth indicates that Statiq is poised to become an industry leader.

Statiq’s appointment of Aditya Mishra as the new CFO positions the company for future success. Through his astute financial leadership, Statiq can build on its current momentum and achieve its objectives of expanding its EV charging network across India. With Mishra’s guidance and the company’s ambitious expansion campaign, Statiq is well on its way to becoming the go-to charging station choice for EV owners nationwide. This positive development is not only beneficial for Statiq but also for the Indian EV ecosystem as the company plays a vital role in supporting the government’s plan for energy transition.


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Statiq makes big move, appoints Aditya Mishra as new CFO

Statiq, India’s largest electric vehicle charging network, has appointed Aditya Mishra as its new Chief Financial Officer. Aditya will lead the company’s corporate finance and business growth objectives in a bid to drive vertical growth and help the company further expand its portfolio and footprints across India, and even beyond.

Aditya comes to the table with a rich background in finance and accounts, supply chain management, transformation management, as well as a broad experience in proper resource management in organisations like GE, Fenice Energy, and ITC, among others. This is in line with Statiq’s medium and long-term vision as the company looks to widen its EV charging network and become the go-to charging station of choice for its Customers across India.

According to Akshit Bansal, CEO of Statiq, it is important to continue to find the right talent and experience to push forward and achieve the objectives of the company both from short to long term. “We’re very pleased to have Aditya join us at this very critical time of our company’s journey. We’ve embarked on an ambitious expansion campaign in recent months, because we see continuous growth in the EV segment in India and we intend to make sure that everyone with an EV can have access to a charging station within minutes. We believe that Aditya can bring his wealth of experience and innovation to ensure we also achieve our financial objectives,” he said.

Statiq was launched in October 2019 to provide smart solutions to present and future energy needs, and has since grown to become one of India’s fastest growing startups. The new CFO, Aditya Mishra says he is excited by the new challenge. “I am very impressed with what Statiq has been able to achieve in a short time. It tells me that the company is very ambitious and is big on smashing its goals and help support government’s plan to ensure Energy Transition through higher adoption of EV”

“My job will be to ensure that the financial culture at the company is positive and secure, relying on data to drive future expansion plans, while emphasising performance as one sure way to sustain growth in the future. I believe we can transform Statiq into an enviable entity from the financial point of view, by ensuring stability, significantly growing its worth and equity, and maintaining profitability,” Aditya added.

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