Vanity Wagon announces Kunal Verma as Vice President – Private Labels


Vanity Wagon, India’s first and largest clean beauty marketplace announced the appointment of their new VP for Private Labels – Kunal Verma. Kunal is a Creative professional with diverse and substantial restaurant management, operations, and marketing experience, as well as supply chain and project management knowledge.  

In 2007, Kunal began his career in the hospitality sector. Since then, he has worked for establishments like the Hyatt Regency Florida and Le Meridien Delhi. In 2011, Kunal began his entrepreneurial journey as a restaurateur by operating his kitchens in Delhi and Gurgaon under a variety of brand names. In addition to being in charge of P&L and operational analysis, Kunal was also in charge of brand marketing through the creation of marketing plans and overarching strategies, working side by side with in-restaurant management teams and staff.  

On this new journey with Vanity Wagon, Kunal Verma said, “The beauty industry is only getting stronger by the day and within that, the Clean Beauty industry is taking on to the global market exponentially. It’s not just a trend, but a way of life. Our value system is what we vouch for. With that in place, our vision is to keep going and be the pioneers of creating an ecosystem that audiences can rely on and trust. Every brand needs to identify operational inefficiencies and should be able to integrate new procedures and processes to impact the bottom line and increase profitability ”  

Kunal’s appointment is part of Vanity Wagons growth strategy for negotiating and implementing cost-saving measures without compromising the quality of the brand.

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