Anupam Roy launches Dance-Pop number for Pujo 2019

Brishti Theme Gele Anupam Roy

SVF Music and Anupam Roy keep alive their successful partnership by churning yet another popular single titled “Brishti Theme Gele” right before the Durga Puja season. The song celebrates the essence of love at first sight. The music video has been shot in Mumbai with a fresh cast Lalit Chowdhury and Ananya Sengupta. Anupam Roy again breaks his style to gift his fans a song which is fresh in its own way. He has sung, produced and penned the lyrics of the track.

Essentially, Brishti Theme Gele is a love song coupled with a dance-pop vibe. Rain plays an important character. It deals with love at first sight but then how you manage to keep that love flowing and alive while moving on with your daily chores.

Thrilled about collaborating with SVF Music yet again, Anupam Roy quoted “To all my listeners out there, Brishti Theme Gele is a fresh new single by SVF Music, which will make you fall for it. I would request everyone out there to support and stand for original independent music and give this song a listen! It will positively make your Puja more special.” 

The song starts with a petite girl (Ananya Sengupta) who works in a café in Mumbai, who seems exhausted with her job and looks longingly at the happy couples while serving coffee to them. Her solitude is noticed by Anupam Roy, who appears in the music video as a bystander. Then the entry of two guys is shown, one of whom (Lalit Chowdhury) immediately connects with the girl. The attraction seems inevitable which is sketched by Anupam Roy who notices the chemistry and hopes they start a relationship. His wish gets fulfilled as they do start a beautiful romance in the rain, rain plays a major role in bringing them together. Eventually its showcased how their daily work could come in between their love and how they must adjust and balance their lifestyles to be happily together.

Enjoy the peppy number here

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