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‘Bhartiya Rail’ to celebrate India’s unity by MassQline & Jatin

MediaInfoline January 27, 2020

Mass Appeal India, the hip-hop label that brought you DIVINE’S “Kohinoor” is all set to rekindle the spirit of patriotism this Republic Day, as it presents its latest song, ‘Bhartiya Rail’ by the hip-hop duo MassQline & Jatin.

Bhartiya Rail is a Hindi rap song that sheds light on the unity within our diverse country – India, through the railways. Conceptualized and written by MassQline & Jatin, the pulsating song is written on a metronome and stitched together with a simple desi Indian melody created with a mandolin, lending an authentic vibe to the song.

The duo known for making music on every-day relatable stories and emotions brings you an alternative hip-hop song that personifies the country’s unity and diversity through Indian Railways. This track is built on the thought of co-existence of different cultural moralities within India and the unity within the country, similar, to the way different classes of coaches exist and are unified through an Indian train. This alchemy is fun and full of energy with the use of creative dialectic causing the churning of thoughts, emotions, philosophies and most importantly stitching it all together with hip-hop and rap.


Talking about their debut song, MassQline & Jatin, said, “We’re really excited to be part of the Mass Appeal India family and being associated with Mass Appeal and Nas is overwhelming. Hip Hop from Jaipur has come on a major label for the first time! Jatin added I have found train journeys symbolic of people from all walks of life coming together and always wanted to create a song reflecting this. I feel a train journey in India can give one a glance of the entire country in a few hours – it is like a collection of short stories, every corner you see has a tale to tell – some amusing, others painful but each full of the common emotions however different the characters may be from one another.”  MassQline further added, “I have always been fascinated by India’s fabric of unity despite all possible diversities – linguistic, cultural, communal, geographical, etc. As MassQline & Jatin, we’re excited about being able to project this in our song – Bhartiya Rail.”

Devraj Sanyal, Managing Director & CEO, Universal Music Group, India and South Asia said, “It gives me immense pride to be dropping our second Mass Appeal India release on the country’s 71st Republic Day, this 26th January, with the debut of MassQline & Jatin’s “Bhartiya Rail,” which fuses Hip Hop and rock, two of my all-time favorite genres. The song has extremely strong insight in conjunction with the Indian railways and I strongly believe every Indian will relate to at least one of the several emotions expressed in the song. 23-year-old MassQline lends his rap skills to the song, while Jatin adds the flavor of rock and through his guitar skills. Go listen to Bhartiya Rail across streaming platforms on 26th January and watch out for the video on 27th Jan!”

Peter Bittenbender, CEO of Mass Appeal, said, “We’re really excited to launch MassQline & Jatin on Mass Appeal India with their debut Hip Hop song, “Bhartiya Rail,” on India’s Republic Day. The song is all about unity through the Indian railways and ties in perfectly to India celebrating its 71st Republic Day this year. We’re all set to begin the new year on this note and have some amazing artists coming up this year.”

The hip-hop duo MASSQLINE & JATIN are popular for fusing elements of hip hop, rap and rock in their music where, MASSQLINE contributes to the rap and flow in their music, while JATIN brings out the rock element.


Bhartiya Rail – Live on 27th Jan

Listen to Bhartiya Rail now


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