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Daler Mehendi’s new track Ragda released


Indian pop Icon Daler Mehndi has come up with a new peppy track Ragda produced under his own label Drecords. The song is composed and sung by the singer himself and directed by the famous director Ahmed Khan. The song is a fusion of Punjabi and Bhojpuri language.

Very few people know the fact that the king of Punjabi music belongs to Patna and Bhojpuri is his mother tongue. He became a sensation since he entered the Punjabi music industry. His songs have been a huge hit and have been best known for energetic music. The reason behind composing this song was to show the love for Bhojpuri music.

The song will be set your mood right and the lyrics will bring a smile to your face. The video was shot in the backdrop of a railway station where the singer can be seen dancing and singing to this peppy number.

Talking about the launch of Ragda, the Daler Mehendi said, “Most of the people don’t know that my mother tongue is Bhojpuri but I became famous for the music in Punjabi genre. I am glad people have loved my music all this year and I was able to contribute to Punjabi music. Now, I feel that I should also contribute to my mother tongue and thus the music is a fusion of Bhojpuri and Punjabi. The lyrics are simple and fun. I personally love and enjoy this music and I hope people will shower the same love and wishes as they did for all my previous songs.”

Daler Mehndi is an Indian singer, author, record producer, and songwriter. He made Bhangra, the popular music of Punjab famous throughout the world. Also, the introduction of Indian Pop music as an independent genre apart from Bollywood. He is best know for his turban, long robes, dance songs, and voice.


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