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Deepak Jeswal Breaks the Internet With His New Release ‘Khwabon Ka Caravan’

MediaInfoline November 11, 2020

Lyricist and YouTube sensation, Deepak Jeswal is now foraying into the emotional genre with a new rendition called ‘Khwabon Ka Caravan’ which has already garnered more than 85k views within hours of its launch today.

In the soulful rendition, Deepak Jeswal is seen reminiscing the lost opportunities of life specially of the lost love. 

Listen to the song here.

The heartfelt song was written in collaboration with Archita Dinanath Bhattacharya, Deepak’s frequent collaborator. A trained classical vocalist, Archita knew how to bring out the sadness of the milieu with a modern texture. Her composition along with the poignant voice of Anuj Bhatt elevated the song to a different level. 

A Challenging Modern Tune

Khwabon ka Caravan is a heartfelt song about lost love and opportunities. We all go through a low phase at various times of our life, and this song resonates that feeling. It’s a universal emotional track that has a modern rhythm. It is highly hummable and relatable. I am highly overwhelmed that the audience also loving the track. My phone is beeping continuously since the song was launched. I am dedicating the song to the everlasting memories of Shyamlal Sinha, my brother and friend. I always miss him. We released this song on his birth anniversary,” said an elated Jeswal.

Bhattacharya added,We created modern tune for the first time. Though it was a little challenging to compose a sad modern tune that everyone can relate to, when it got completed it really sounded very well.”

A Song of First Love Reminiscences

For the music video, Director Sunil Gupta shot TV actor Michael Rajput  in various locations in and around Mumbai. The actor feels that the song will be relatable to everyone in their own way.

‘I don’t know how you will relate to this song with your life but when I listened to it for first time it was like about my first love . Yes, everyone has that first love in their live. It doesn’t matters to me that how much we worked-hard for this song what matter is experience that I haven’t expected to get when first time I got call for this song. There was a very professional team of director, cameraperson, Dop and our beloved producer. Everyone was very clear about their work and thus done their work beautifully without any delay,” Rajput added.

The emotional number is streaming on streaming platforms like jiosavvn, apple music, amazon music, spotify and itunes.


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