FAB Market is celebrating 1 year of ‘Bollywood Top 20 with Sharma G’


1 year, 52 episodes, umpteen songs, and numerous memories – Bollywood Top 20 with Sharma G has undertaken a truly exceptional journey to become the World’s No.1 Indian Music Countdown show. It is a weekly countdown show, hosted by the one and only Gaurav Sharma or ‘Sharma G’, as we fondly call him. In each episode, he takes us on a journey of today’s trendiest beats, showcasing 20 of the hottest songs of the week along with exclusive interviews with the superstars of cinema.

To hear straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Bollywood Top 20 is a show that is extremely close to my heart. The response that it has gotten is overwhelming and inspires me to work harder for my listeners. Here’s to several more successful years of BT20” said Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Host of Bollywood Top 20 and Group Programming Head- Fever FM.

This entertainment-filled and power-packed Bollywood countdown show is truly a global extravaganza that has attracted international listenership as well. FAB Market’s current international clients for Bollywood Top 20 with Sharma G include Radio Zindagi and Radio Huns FM.

Radio Zindagi is America’s No. 1 South Asian Radio Station present in the USA, Canada, and South America. Radio Huns FM is the longest-running South Asian radio program in North America. It is defined as the “voice of the South Asian community in Ottawa”.

“FAB Market is India’s first B2B e-commerce marketplace for syndicated audio content. We have 350+ hours of audio content, 55+ unique shows, 40+ hours of festive content and 60+ celebrity shows. Bollywood Top 20 is one of our most popular and best-selling shows, getting us maximum traction.” said Mr. Yatin Naik, Business Head – FAB Market, Fever FM.

On this joyous occasion, we bring to you several exciting offerings and discounts on our content. Do not miss this opportunity, kick back and relax, and stay updated with the best of Indian music. Tune in to www.fabmarket.in to avail Bollywood Top 20 for your radio networks!

Bollywood Top 20 with Sharma G airs every Friday, 17:00-18:00 on Radio Huns. It airs on Friday, 7-9 PM in San Francisco and Saturday, 4-6 PM in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut on the Radio Zindagi network.

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