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‘Gaana Launchpad’ is unveiled to promote Indie Music Talent in India

Madhushree Chakrabarty October 14, 2020

Gaana has started its new dedicated program named ‘Gaana Launchpad’. The program is solely focused on bringing the rising artists of Indie music to limelight.

There is a 40-track playlist, that has been curated by the expert in-house editors of India’s No.1 music streaming platform. The Gaana Launchpad will be organized every Thursday night at 7 PM. The schedule includes tracks by the following Indie artists:

Artist Name Date Time
Ashwin Adwani 15.10.2020 7:00 PM IST
Srihari Jagannathan 22.10.2020 7:00 PM IST
Arpit Chourey 29.10.2020 7:00 PM IST
Nikhil Swaroop 05.11.2020 7:00 PM IST


“The Gaana Launchpad is a part of our commitment to help the country’s most talented musicians strengthen the deep & evocative connections they share with audiences, while reaching the next stage in their careers. Unfortunately, our music industry has traditionally favored ‘safe & commercially viable’ music over novel musical talent, and the Launchpad aims to create a difference in this space. All the 35 artists selected on the Gaana Launchpad playlist have been carefully selected solely on the basis of merit and promise, not their numbers or commercial performance. Music in every Indic language and every genre is welcome to the Launchpad – the only criteria is that it has to be fresh and innovative.” Prashan Agarwal, CEO – Gaana said.

Srihari Jagannathan, a Chennai-based singer and songwriter said, “Gaana is the leading Indian platform which is used by millions of people to discover music. As an independent artist, being recognised by such a huge platform means the world to me. Launchpad is a great initiative and is an amazing way for us artists to connect with our listeners directly. They have an opportunity to get to know us and our music better. I am happy to be a part of this and can’t wait to perform live for the Gaana listeners”.

Click here for the latest edition of the Gaana Launchpad playlist.


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