Global pop group ‘Now United’ teams up with Naezy and Shalmali

Global pop group ‘Now United’ teams up with India’s pop sensation Naezy and Shalmali

Big Bang Music recently joined hands with global pop music group ‘Now United’ by Simon Fuller, for an exciting collaboration which brings together Big Bang’s leading artists – the Pop Diva Shalmali and the hip hop sensation Naezy to feature in their latest music video titled ‘Legends’.

This diverse and first-ever global pop group, ‘Now United’, created by American Idol’s Simon Fuller, reaches out to the world through the expression of dance and music; engrossing the music junkies who want to learn, sing and live the song. While the freshly launched pop company Big Bang Music aims to disrupt, involve and create a voice for independent music in our country. This new age brand/company with their not so conventional choices is set to break the clutter and woo the audiences with their interesting mix of music.

As a part of their first-ever YouTube Music world tour, ‘Now United’ had a fantastic time traveling across places like Paris, London, Dubai, Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro, Los Angeles and Mumbai. On their visit to Mumbai, the members of ‘Now United’ jammed with Big Bang Music’s artists. Shalmali and Naezy were the only Indian singers to feature in their larger-than-life video. A perfect amalgamation of several cultures, ‘Legends’ fully captures the true and real celebration of music and dance! The music video was screened at New York City’s Times Square and at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, arousing interest among thousands of viewers.

 Commenting on this new association, Gaurav Wadhwa, Co-founder/ CEO, Big Bang Music said, “Now United has built an incredible foundation globally through Simon’s vision. I have partnered with XIX Entertainment and Now United in the past and are glad to take this existing relationship ahead with new collaborations. Now United and Big Bang’s approach is very similar as it allows artists to not confine themselves to any boundaries and reach larger audiences and markets. Also, this allows a great way for the artists to exchange learning and understand each other’s culture and collaborate.”   

Catch the new video – ‘Legends’ from Big Bang Music and Now United here.

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