Millind Gaba And Miss Pooja In Love In The New Music Video ‘Sohnea 2’

Sohnea 2 poster

Times Music in association with Speed Records presents ‘Sohnea 2‘. Sung by Millind Gaba and Miss Pooja, it is a beautiful, romantic love song. The song features the extremely talented singers in a dreamy setting and the lyrics by Happy Raikoti and Millind Gaba, elevate the experience of the entire song. ‘Sohnea 2’ is a sequel to the song ‘Sohnea’ that came out in 2017 and has been viewed over 160 million times on YouTube alone.

Composed by Music MG, the song and the music video have been delightfully created to take the viewer on a journey that stays with them for a long time. Miss Pooja in the video is a simple girl who finds love in small gestures and Millind Gaba being the caring but also forgetful lover, ends the video on a high with a big charming romantic gesture.

“This song holds a very special place in my heart and I wanted it to be an experience for the viewers too. It’s a little take on how two people in a relationship show their love for each other. Working with Miss Pooja is always fun,” said Millind Gaba.

“Millind Gaba and I sung ‘Sohnea’ a while ago and the love we received for that song was overwhelming. After a year we decided we would give it a little sequel, which had the same feel but a different experience. We hope people love ‘Sohnea 2’ as much as they loved ‘Sohnea’,” said Miss Pooja.

”Sohnea 2′ is a Times Music and Speed Records exclusive release and is available to watch/listen on Speed Records YouTube channel.

Watch now:  here

Listen on Gaana: here

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