Moj Launches #MojMusicKalakar to Uncover India’s Next Musical Star


If you’ve got a talent for singing 10 songs in under 60 seconds, if Govinda – Karisma – Raveena songs were your jam growing up, and if you love playing rapid fire, then look no further! This is the perfect opportunity for you to have some fun! Moj, India’s largest short video app, has introduced Moj Music Kalakar, a 10-day music talent competition on Moj Live to uncover India’s Next Musical Star. The talent hunt starts on March 15th at 7:00 PM; all music enthusiasts and creators can exhibit their singing abilities to win big! The competition will consist of four rounds, with participants in a live music spectacle to win prizes worth ₹40K. The winner may also have the opportunity to collaborate with music labels and brands in the future. Additionally, viewers can engage with their favorite creators, show their support with virtual gifting, and earn rewards worth ₹15K.

As part of this first-ever nationwide music talent hunt, Moj will bring together music enthusiasts and creators on Moj Live to participate in virtual gifting challenges.

The #MojMusicKalakar campaign’s first round, Jhatpat, will feature creators singing as many songs as possible while earning through virtual gifts. The top 100 creators with the highest number of virtual gifts will advance to the next round. In the second round, 90s ke Nagme (March 19th to 21st), creators will perform their favorite 90s hits, and the top 30 will proceed to the final round. In the third round (March 22nd to 24th), Shabd Jaal, contestants will integrate a specific word given to them by their fellow contestants at the beginning of their song. The top winners will be chosen based on their singing performance and highest gifting earnings, and the top performers will receive vouchers worth ₹40K. Furthermore, the top two gifters throughout all the rounds will receive a total of ₹15K in rewards.

Talking about the campaign, Shashank Shekhar, Sr. Director, Content Strategy ,Moj and ShareChat said, “Our aim with #MojMusicKalakar is to create an interactive platform that brings music creators and their audiences together in a live musical extravaganza. In addition to giving creators a chance to showcase their singing skills in real time, we want viewers to have a fun experience supporting their favorite creators with virtual gifts and earning rewards in the process. Moj has always been committed to providing a space for young, creative Indians to showcase their talents in innovative ways, and this campaign is a step towards that goal. Our intention is to empower budding musicians and find India’s next musical star.”

Moj Live offers a distinct and interactive platform for creators to showcase their talent while engaging with their audience. Moj users can support their favorite creators via virtual gifting, a crucial source of earning for them. Music creators can also benefit from Moj Live, which provides a guaranteed way to reach their audience in real-time and enjoy unparalleled engagement. Join the festivities of music and entertainment by going Live on Moj.

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