MTV Beats launches Gaano Ka Rafu Center with Sahil Khattar


The YouTube sensation, Sahil Khattar who has entertained us with his vlogs is all set to debut on MTV Beats with the all new show Gaano Ka Rafu Center. Donning the look of your local tailor, catch the anchor, actor and comedian, Sahil, dissect famous songs word by word, analyzing the reason behind their use.  Don’t miss out on the hilarious analogy of ‘Salim Suimia’ aka Sahil Khattar, as he entertains with his notorious and hilarious take on songs, loved by all.

Tune in to the premiere of Gaano Ka Rafu Center as Salim Suimia runs through lyrics with his scissors every KARAOKE SATURDAY, from July 29, only on MTV Beats

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