Radio City and Happydemic in Fusion to Spread Musical Magic!


Get ready to turn up the volume on happiness! Radio City, a powerhouse in radio broadcasting, is excited to announce its newest partnership with Happydemic – a vibrant live music tech company on a mission to spread joy through unforgettable musical experiences!

Collaborating with Happydemic’s extensive roster of talented artists, Radio City aims to deliver impactful solutions to its clients, transcending boundaries, and captivating audiences in ways that were never-experienced-before by them. Leveraging the partnership to collaborate with other brands and influencers, Radio City and Happydemic are poised to unlock new revenue streams and cross-promotional opportunities. With the channel’s amazing track record of delivering marketing solutions through music, including jingles, anthems, and sonic branding, this partnership enriches their resources, enabling the creation of impactful solutions with an expanded repertoire.

Happydemic, renowned for bringing the concert-like atmosphere directly to people’s homes, aligns seamlessly with Radio City’s dedication to utilizing music as a transformative force in people’s lives. They both aim to do more than just promote brands, to orchestrate moments that resonate deeply with audiences.

Radio City has always been on a mission to inspire, captivate and connect with audiences worldwide, leveraging the power of music and innovative marketing strategies. This dynamic partnership sets new standards of creativity and deeper engagement, fulfilling Radio City’s shared goal of delivering unmatchable experiences and driving impactful results for their clients.

Ashit Kukian, CEO of Radio City, expressed his pride, and said, “Through this partnership, we’re not just creating campaigns, we are composing experiences. Bringing together the artistry of music with the science of marketing, we are shaping the future of engagement. Moreover, our partnership with Happydemic is built on delivering tangible results. We’ll combine creativity with data-driven insights to ensure every campaign achieves its goals, whether its increased sales, brand visibility or customer engagement.”

Radhika Mukherji, Co-Founder & CEO, Happydemic, commented, “Music is a powerful incubator for human emotions. At Happydemic, our primary motto is to enhance the joy of music enriching one’s soul and we personally believe that music speaks the universal language of emotions. This collaboration isn’t just about promoting brands; it’s about creating memories that have a lasting impact.” 

Radio City is committed to increasing exposure for the incredible talent pool of Happydemic to an even wider audience. Utilizing its platforms, including social media, on-air promotions, and digital channels, the radio channel will integrate the artists into marketing campaigns, events, and sponsored content further strengthening their presence and relevance in the industry.

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