Enjoy Raftaar’s latest swag-street-style rap ‘Main Wahi Hoon’ ad-free on Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music bring to its listeners the latest rap song of the season by one of the most cherished and celebrated rappers of the nation Raftaar and Karma, presented by Zee Music. Riding high on the hip hop trend today, Raftaar’s latest song will delight Prime members by taking them back to their school day memories and offers the swag-laden ‘back to school’ hymn ad-free on Amazon Prime Music. Listeners can simply ask Alexa , “Play Raftaar’s latest song”, or “Play Main Wahi Hoon by Raftaar” to take them down the memory lane as they sit back and enjoy the song ad free only on Amazon Prime Music app and Echo devices.

With catchy beats and lyrics that will hit home with anyone who misses school days, the listeners would also love to sing along the song with Raftaar using Amazon Prime Music’s latest synchronized lyrics feature.

Anurag Bedi, Business Head Zee Music Co, said, “When two worlds of music get together, wonderful things happen and that’s what exactly happened with one of the greatest collaborations with Raftaar, Zee Music Company and Amazon Prime Music. “Main Wahi Hoon” is out with a collaboration with Dehradun-based rapper ‘Karma’. The song has a catchy beat and lyrics that will remind many of their school days and that will connect with listeners. With rap like, “Main Wahi Hoon, Piche Wali Seat Wala, Paperon Mein Cheat Wala, Khota Sikka Dheeth Sala”, the track explores a space of commercial rap, thereby giving a new twist to the song. This is a yet another first from us at Zee Music Co. We hope our listeners love it”.

Excited about the song’s release, Raftaar said, “This hip hop single is very special to me – it’s super nostalgic and speaks of one of the most beautiful phases of my life. I was always a backbencher and loved hanging out with my friends and this song represents exactly that. I would like to dedicate this song to all my classmates and friends who are now spread all over the world and to tell them how much I miss those days! This is one song everyone will easily be able to connect with – as when you look back, you realize how much fun the school days were”.

I am also quite excited about getting this song out on Amazon Prime Music along with Zee Music Co ,as my fans can now simply use their voice to ask Alexa to play my latest hit without the need to search, type or browse and on top of it without any ad breaks. Hope my fans enjoy it!”, he continued.

Raftaar’s hip-hop single “Main Wahi Hoon” captures the school memories from the perspective of a backbencher who relished every moment spent in school. This trip down nostalgia lane refreshes memories of childhood days, right from eating and sharing canteen food with friends, to cheating during the exams, limited pocket money, spending time with friends, and even those silly school fights. It’s one songs everyone can relate to!

Catch the latest song by Raftaar on Amazon Prime Music: Click here

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