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Rapper Darpan launches new music video Dhyan Deo

Madhushree Chakrabarty January 8, 2021

Rapper Darpan launched his new music video Dhyan Deo from the music album Asliyat. Darpan is a rapper who used to be a paramilitary cop from Maharashtra’s Amravati and was raised in Mumbai. He started his rapping career in the year 2012.

The wonderful lyrics of the are peened by the rapper himself and are his real-life emotions. This track has the influence of his times spent in the Naxal belts of Maharashtra when he was posted there as a paramilitary officer. The video of the song is animated and shows the life of the rapper.

Speaking about the album and the association with Most Wanted Records, Mr. Shantanu Pujari, Executive VP, Most Wanted Records shares, “Darpan is undoubtedly one of the best storytellers in India. He has a unique personality that gives him an edge. Being an ex-cop has helped his personality develop like no other rapper in the game. His debut album ‘asliyat’ is one of the best albums according to me that has come out by an Indian emcee. This track ‘Dhyan Deo’, is a shallow glimpse into his day-to-day life and how real it is when some claim that their lives are hardcore. He comes from humble beginnings and we are excited to see his music video in collaboration with one of the best animation teams in India ‘Ekabhuya’. Looking forward to seeing how people respond”

Commenting on the release of the album and his career, Rapper Darpan shares, “Storytelling is my favorite part of rap and I’ve so many crazy stories to tell that I’ve experienced. Good and bad everything. It’s all about feelings. Art is the way for me to express myself through my music. The unsaid thoughts, and the deepest feelings though it’s positive or negative I’ll express it. That’s the only way for me. The second thing I’m concerned about is the impact of music-making on listeners. I just want to do clean music that will influence people to do good only.”

Catch the music video here.


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