Saregama’s New Release #MalishReShamsaanMa Mesmerizes Gujarati People


Your favourite music company Saregama is gearing up to enthrall you once again and this time it will be a treat for the Gujarati people. Yes, you heard it right Gujaratis are set to get another hit music release and this time it’s coming from Rakesh Barot.

The new release #MalishReShamsaanMa showcases a heartbreaking tale of music heard in the mellifluous voice of Rakesh Barot

Commenting on the launch, Rakesh said, “We had a lovely time shooting for this song and the storyline is a great mix of drama and emotion. This is a gift for all my fans as we near the end of the Valentine’s month and I hope they shower me with love and support like always”.

You can watch the full video of the song on Saregama’s YouTube Channel

Two Gujarati Maestros Coming Together

Ready to captivate the audience, Saregama has launched yet another Gujarati track sung by Rakesh Barot – Malish Re Shamsaan Ma, to capture and conquer the charts and hearts of the Gujarati audience. The song brings together two of the biggest Gujarati musical maestros – Rakesh Barot who lends his voice to this track,  and music by Mayur Nadia. Depicting a tale of betrayal, this song is sure to keep you engaged till the very end.

Showcasing the Heartbreaking Trails of Love

The video of the song takes you through an emotional journey of a man who goes through a heartbreak when he realizes that his significant other has strayed from their relationship, and has fallen in love with someone else. However, is there a happy ending to this tale? Showcasing dynamic chemistry between Rakesh Barot and Neha Suthar, this song consists of a beautiful storyline coupled with hard-hitting lyrics! 

This heartwarming tale will touch the hearts of many listeners, both the young and the old, making them reminiscence lovelust memories




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