Singer-songwriter-producer Bazzi Takes over the charts with Mine

Bazzi Mine

Bazzi has proven himself to be 2018’s breakthrough artist as his new single “Mine” continues to climb higher on the charts. The track, penned by Bazzi and co-produced by Bazzi and Rice N Peas, is this year’s biggest viral hit. Already at #3 on the Spotify Global Top 50, with Top 5 positions all across Europe and Asia. India isn’t far behind with the track charting at #7 on the Apple Music Pop Chart.

‘Mine’ is a short-and-sweet track with a subtle melancholic slow jam.

“Mine” also received a co-sign by Taylor Swift on Spotify as the first track on her latest “Songs Taylor Loves” playlist! The artist is also putting the finishing touches on his debut full-length mixtape due later this year.

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