Songfest India invites entries from independent musicians for its Songfest Xplore

12 independent musicians can submit original tracks on Songfest Xplore

An artiste-first music content company, Songfest India has announced an online property, “Songfest Xplore”. Songfest Xplore is an online video fete, where 12 artists will be selected to create music videos for their original compositions, from across India.

Through Songfest’s expertise in producing world-class content, these talented indie music creators will get a chance to launch their music video on Songfest India’s YouTube channel that has half a million subscribers.

Gaurav Dagaonkar, Co-founder and CEO, Songfest India, said: “Over the years, I have witnessed the journeys of many musicians at various stages including mine, and I believe more than even just putting your music out there, it is consequential to be discovered by the audiences. India today has thousands of talented independent musicians who are creating music at their own expense but are lacking distribution and promotional resources. And at Songfest, it has been our constant endeavour to provide that platform to the artistes.”

Meghna Mittal, Co-Founder and CMO, Songfest India, said: “Google’s statistics say that 90% of YouTube users in India prefer to consume content in their native/regional language. We see this even in the indie scene and therefore Songfest Xplore is focused on finding talent across India, ensuring that language is never a barrier. Also, we believe that the joy that we feel on discovering various artists should be felt by many Indians, and that’s the reason we continue to work with them and promote their music widely through leading platforms.” 

Talking about collaborating with Songfest India, Gaurav Guleria, said: “Switching my career from IT to music was challenging because as an independent artist, you don’t know the proper channels to distribute your music. Songfest not only provided me that direction but became my launchpad by giving me my first song, “Intehaan” in an Alt Balaji web show, “Bebakee”. It was a surreal experience and it definitely opened many doors for me.”

Last date for submission is September 10, 2021. Artists can register here.

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