Sound Design Experimenters Rusha & Blizza Return With New Track- ‘Courage’


Rusha and Blizza are back with a brand-new track ‘Courage’ that once again smashes through music genres and dives into a unique experimental sound design creation. After the success and humongous appreciation received for EPs, ‘Mudra’ and ‘Sutra’ they stepped up their game with ‘Courage’, a Track that showcases the strong facets releasing on a boutique label Alfa Records based out of Liverpool and New Delhi.

In a world of genres and easy labels, they dive into cerebral sound design that escapes categorization. With a weighty anchor provided by swathes of beats, they deliver an immersive aural experience of “courage”.

Paurush Kumar aka Rusha shared, “this was our most visual creation to this point, as we had the opportunity to work with an amazing fellow artist to create this unique piece.”

Aman Khare aka Blizza added saying, “Feeding off the energy of Igor and his crew, we tried our best to make  the track exhilarating while keeping enough variations..”

The duo continues to define their eye for genre defying music with beats that touch the soul. The track features futuristic music meshed with synth patterns, bass beatdowns and vocals that create an auditory experience for a listener that’s new and fresh. Coupled with serene vocals and immersive sound, the music video for the track features an interesting interpretive in vogue dance piece by Russian director and choreographer Igor Glinskiy, which is truly a visual delight. A striking art piece, the dance perfectly combines the nuances of the music with bold movements and emotions.

Sarthak Kush, Founder of Alfa Record Music added saying,Rusha & Blizza will be finally entering the pool of sounds which they envisioned a few years back with this track”


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