Spotify grips Scibids’ Artificial Intelligence To Herald A New Era Of Customer Acquisition

Spotify grips Scibids’ Artificial Intelligence To Herald A New Era Of Customer Acquisition

Headquartered in Paris, Scibids, the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for digital marketing, is creating waves in India for marketers who are looking to create greater efficiencies across their digital campaigns. Scibids recently launched a campaign that helped Spotify deliver a 30% increase in registrations at a 24% lower cost per registration. These results were particularly creditable given the highly competitive landscape of music streaming services in India.

Spotify, the global leader in Music Streaming, has long been a pioneer in digital marketing and leverages Programmatic Marketing to run highly efficient customer acquisition campaigns. In order to further turbocharge its marketing ROI, Spotify recently introduced Scibids’ artificial intelligence solutions into its adtech stack.

Scibids AI worked with the Google Display & Video 360 team and Spotify’s agency MatterKind, to create custom algorithms that were specifically engineered to boost Spotify’s customer acquisition. Google’s DSP platform, Display & Video 360, has some of the most advanced tools for advertisers, allowing them to create and push sophisticated algorithms to optimize campaigns. Scibids, as an AI solution customizable to the needs of a brand’s media buying strategies, created algorithms designed specifically to improve Spotify’s Cost per Registration.

“Scibids is proud to partner with Spotify and MatterKind, who share our vision of smarter optimization enabled by AI. In this case, the challenge on the Google Display & Video 360 platform was to break the glass ceiling of performance, and turn exchange-based media buying into a competitive acquisition channel for Spotify. Results like these prove that AI has the ability to dramatically improve marketing ROI by carrying out real-time computations that were previously impossible. The icing on the cake is that the teams can then focus on more value adding tasks.” said, Rahul Vasudev, Managing Director of Scibids (APAC).

Shipra Srivastava, Head of Media, CRM & partnerships at Spotify added, “We leveraged the power of AI to unlock scale with efficiency by using Scibids AI to add custom insights to Display & Video 360’s bidding mechanism. This proved to be useful in optimizing for not only top of funnel but deeper metrics for us as well.”

The challenges for digital marketers looking for efficient brand and sales growth have multiplied, and the imminent demise of cookies and other identifiers, means that running addressable marketing is actually becoming more difficult. Scibids has built an AI that extracts the most discerning combination of variables for each campaign, enables reach on the open web and creates optimal algorithms to optimize KPIs as DSP campaigns start scaling up.

Scibids has recently also started operations in India with Samir Karpe as the Country Manager with teams across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

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