Sunburn joins hands with WazirX NFT Marketplace to drop a collection of Sunburn NFTs


Exploring ways to connect and create for their audiences, Percept Live, creators of Sunburn Asia have announced collaboration with WazirX, NFT Marketplace to launch their collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). With this exciting association, fans of Sunburn and electronic dance music at large will be able to bid for the one-of-its-kind Non fungible tokens by Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival.

Since the pandemic, NFTs have been all the rage in the electronic music community, providing a new outlet with several benefits of digital ownership. Empowering individual artists and taking a step towards revolutionizing the music industry at large, the interest in NFT marketplace has exploded tremendously. At par with their global counterparts, there has been a rising interest in India towards unique digital collectibles, creating an artistic community of creators and collectors via NFT.  In a recent survey done by Sunburn amongst its social media community, 49% of their fanbase expressed their interest to invest in NFTs and are keen to learn more about their upcoming exclusive NFT drops.

Starting 23rd July, the Sunburn NFTs drop will begin with a round of open editions designed around music and art. NFT collectors can purchase Sunburn NFTs on WazirX Marketplace with the help of their native WRX tokens. These Music NFT collectors will also get 25% WRX airdropped back in their wallets on each NFT purchase of up to 1000 WRX.

Kickstarting their much-awaited music festival into action on a high note, the first of Sunburn NFTs on WazirX NFT marketplace will include an extensive lineup of artists and spectacular stage images of the Sunburn festival/Goa over the years and the visual arts of Sunburn Ball. Taking this experience several notches higher; the buyer will also receive an exclusive All-Area festival pass to the Sunburn Festival along with the sunburn ball NFTs.

Vishakha Singh, VP Advisor, NFT marketplace, said, “NFTs are revolutionizing the music industry by creating new possibilities and experiences for both artists and collectors. Prior to the pandemic, artists relied heavily on touring to break even, but with live music continuing to face an uncertain future, the potential of NFTs hold a huge appeal. As the NFT community grows, we have understood the landscape better, especially when it comes to music, art and culture. Thus, partnering with Asia’s biggest music festival is a step to showcase the unique creations by these independent artists while also reaching out to a wider target audience of music aficionados. We are excited to launch an array of Sunburn assets as NFT to the audience and grow the NFT Community in India.” 

Commenting on the partnership, Karan Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Percept Live, says, “The music industry is in a rapid state of flux and evolution. We see NFTs and digitization of our business as a giant leap forward and a mainstay to engage with our new age fans. Pioneering this in the music domain, we are tremendously thrilled to partner with WazirX to launch our collection of NFTs. As an organization, we have always strived to forge innovative partnerships which can be beneficial for all our stakeholders and especially our fans.” 

NFTs allow artists to cut out expenses and risks that result from intermediaries and save time by selling directly to their fan base, thus increasing the popularity of crypto collectibles exponentially. With an ever-increasing interest in NFTs amongst artists and collectors, WazirX NFT Marketplace not only helps dignify the work of the independent creators from across the world by giving them a platform to showcase their art, but also exposes us to the diverse universe of NFT collectors in South Asia.

Get ready as Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival; Sunburn NFTs go live on Friday, July 23rd at 12 pm IST only on WazirX.

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