Wynk Music launches campaign for the release of The Beatles’ final Song ‘Now and Then’

Wynk Music launches campaign for the release of The Beatles' final Song 'Now and Then'

Wynk Music, India’s number 1 music streaming app by downloads and daily active users, today launched “The Last of The Beatles” campaign dedicated to the release of the final Beatles song – ‘Now and Then’. The campaign is a heartfelt tribute to the iconic British rock band and features a page dedicated to the band on Wynk Music. Wynk has also curated a Beatles’ playlists with their 70s rock music playlists which are also available with exclusive HelloTunes for fans.

The campaign will be live for 15 days and will offer a rich mosaic of content and music that pays homage to the band’s legacy.

Campaign Highlights:

  1. Rediscovering the Beatles

A specially curated content from The Beatles’ extensive discography where fans can immerse themselves in the timeless classics that have defined generations and experience the magic of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

  1. The Golden Era of 70s Rock

A collection of handpicked 70s rock playlists that will transport music enthusiasts back to a time when rock ‘n’ roll ruled the airwaves.

  1. Showcasing HelloTunes

Exclusive HelloTunes of The Beatles’ music: Subscribers can set these tunes as their caller tunes and relish the melodies of this legendary band.

  1. Engaging Content

Music lovers can engage with their favourite band on social media with interesting trivia, song lyric carousels, and other captivating content related to The Beatles. Fans can dive into the world of the band’s history, music, and more, to fully immerse themselves in the celebration.

Link to The Beatles playlist: click here

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