Amstrad brings Real-Time Weather Updates with Times OOH

Amstrad Partners With Times OOH

Aiming to solve the weather woes of all Indians with just one appliance, Amstrad All Season Air Conditioners offers instant cooling in summers and warm during winters with a hot and cold AC working in all weathers, even dehumidifying in the rains.

Sponsored by Amstrad, built brand synergies with the solution the brand offers, Mumbai Airport for the first time will give live weather updates. Through a network of 56 screens spread throughout the passenger journey, Amstrad All Season Air Conditioners now provide up to the minute updates of weather conditions for all departing passengers.

“This sponsored update displays the weather at Mumbai to all returning passengers flying out from Mumbai Airport. The campaign also allows for outgoing travellers to think about the temperature in their own hometown. This, coupled with the high dwell time at the airport, the swiftly approaching summer, and people spending more time indoors, would, I imagine, make people ponder over which air conditioner to invest in. This campaign from Amstrad is marketing at its finest!”, says Sumit Chadha, Business Head, Mumbai Airport – Times OOH.

This live feed capability has also been developed at the Mumbai Metro and Indore and Coimbatore Airports by Times OOH.

In the Indian outdoor Advertising industry, Times OOH has emerged as the undisputed leader. It was established in 2005 and its success stems from the ability to provide a national network of comprehensive and customised OOH solutions to advertisers, giving them the flexibility to target mass as well as niche segments. Along with freedom and scale through innovative display and engagement options, it has brought to life OOH advertising’s inherent benefits of freshness and then gone a step further by offering flexibility and pin-pointed targeting solutions with its digital network. It also owns exclusive advertising rights at properties Airports, Metro, and Street furniture in India and Mauritius.

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