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Prateik Babbar lauded for ‘Chakravyuh – An Inspector Virkar Crime Thriller’

Shreoshree Chakrabarty March 10, 2021

We’ve all enjoyed imagining ourselves in the shoes of our favourite heroes- chase scenes, fight sequences, and that final run to save the damsel in distress, systemically breaking the ranks of a group of gundas and emerging victorious. Prateik Babbar essays the eccentric Inspector Virkar and one will have to race against time and embark on a mission to unmask a ruthless blackmailer using the dark web for his crimes.

Prateik Babbar has joined as the newest cop in the Indian films and OTT super cop universe and has been widely lauded for his amazing transformation and acting chops in the trailer of MX Original SeriesChakravyuh – An Inspector Virkar Crime Thriller’. MX Player’s latest offering promises mind-blowing action sequences, a fast-paced storyline and a riveting mystery and it will see its leading man performing all the action sequences himself as Prateik Babbar gets into action mode.

Watch the promo here.

Talking about performing all the fight sequences by himself in the series, Prateik says, “Action is a genre that has always been enjoyed by the audiences and I’ve been fascinated with performing stunts by myself. While there are certain sequences that have a need for technical skills or martial arts which are best left to professional stunt coordinators, I feel there’s a certain genuineness to it when you do your own stunts. I didn’t get fit simply to show off my physique, the goal was to ensure that I had the strength and stamina to keep up with my character. We practiced for a long time, I was in good shape for it all, and I trained during the shoot as well just to make sure there weren’t any accidents. This show really took me out of my comfort zone, it helped me explore and hone different aspects of my craft.”

This 8-episodic original series is directed by Sajit Warrior and showcases the present-day story of Inspector Virkar, who stumbles upon a case of ghastly murder that seems to be linked to cybercrime. He comes across a group of tech-savvy miscreants, in the process of his investigation, who use the internet for blackmail & other illegal activity. Virkar is stuck amidst this Chakravyuh that seems unbeatable and must with the help of an informant, a hacker and a student counsellor, find the missing link between both these cases.

Stream the series starting 12th March, exclusively on MX Player for FREE!


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