High School Drama Puncch Beat Returns with Season 2, But This Time With A Sinister Twist

Puncch Beat Season 1 was a massive hit with the Indian youth

Puncch Beat Season 1 was a massive hit with the Indian youth. And now its second season is about to hit which has taken a sinister twist with the mysterious death of one of its students. Why has the death happened and who is responsible for it forms the narrative of this highly anticipated sequel that is now available to stream for free on MX Player, starting 16th July.

At an impossibly chic campus, tasting freedom as young adults, having an elite friend circle, and breezing way through classrooms and studies. This may sound scintillating but you might just want to be a spectator for this season of Puncch Beat as things at Rosewood High take a deadly turn. The students returned to enjoy the perks of being at a prestigious academic institution but they’re surrounded by the darkness of death which turns friends into foes and casts a shadow of doubt on everybody.

Talking about the series, Priyank Sharma said, “Playing Rahat is like going through a whirlwind of emotions – there’s anger, regret, happiness, sadness and a strong fire in the gut to deliver the ultimate punch in the ring. As a character, this one is very special for me, and I think I can empathize with that sense of emotional turmoil that he seems to experience in the show. I am glad that the series will now be streaming for free on MX Player, and I am looking forward to feedback from my fans.”

It has been a whole year since the epic match between Rahat (Priyank Sharma) and Ranbir (Siddharth Sharma) has happened. This season will see their rivalry intensifying further as the former is chosen as the new head boy of Rosewood High. When Ranbir challenges Rahat for the rematch of the Phoenix Boxing Tournament and the person who loses must never show their face in the ring again, the drama doubles.  Amidst all this competition, Harshita Gaur and Khushi Joshi also reprise their roles as Divyanka and Padmini. The vivacious Samyukhta Hegde also joins the cast of Season 2 as Meesha, an adrenaline addict who helps Ranbir up his game and adds another hue to all that is happening at Rosewood High.

An intense season that will be a pressure test for all the dosti-yaari, Puncch Beat 2 will take the competition to the next level while a murder looms over Rosewood High school.

Who caused this murder? Was it someone taking revenge or was it just an unfortunate accident? Does this have to do something with the boxing match? To know more, stream the show for FREE on MX Player!

Watch the trailer here.

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