10 role models on Femina’s cover say, ‘’We are in this together’’

We are in this together, say the 10 role models on Femina

In its exclusive May edition, FEMINA salutes 10 role models who say We are in this together. The women have been persistently worked for the nation during these recent times to build a better tomorrow than yesterday.

The cover features several real-life heroes including Faye D’Souza, Sonu Sood, ASHA Workers, Dr.  Madhumitha Gomathinayagam, Dr. Anamika Giri and Shriti Pandey, Saransh Goila, Dr. Glossy Sabharwal, Arjun Gowda, and Khaalid Ahamed who proved that We are in this together.

Starting with Faye, she’s been a voice of trust and authenticity in a world full of misinformation. Talking about how she consumes a large amount of factual content on a daily basis to finalize her bulletin, Faye says, “I spend most of the day doing that so I can protect you from the pain!” On the other hand, actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood has been a crucial force during the second wave and last year. But he simply can’t afford to give in to feelings of self-doubt. “Every day is a challenge. Every day comes with its own set of histories, tragedies, and miracles,” he says.

While there are thousands of ASHA workers in the country under the National Health Mission launched in 2006, each one of them has been the driving force in the city of Kerala. They’ve mastered the art of contact tracing, which helped the state track patients and their probable contacts who needed to be in-home isolation. Another Covid hero who’s done his very best to help the needy is Chef Saransh Goila who’s doing his bit by connecting the dots to help feed people. The way Goila sees it: “Most COVID patients have lost the sense of taste and smell. But, even then, in those 15 minutes when you are having a meal, there is no distraction. Nothing can go wrong in those 15 minutes.”

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