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Aakash Ranison launched his eBook Climate Change Explained – for one and all

Madhushree Chakrabarty April 22, 2021

Renowned Climate Change Activist and Sustainability Influencer, Aakash Ranison launched an eBook “Climate Change Explained – for one and all”. The book deals with the serious topic of climate change and its impact on every individual’s life. One can download the ebook for free exclusively from from April 22, 2021. The book will also be available on iBook, Google Books, and Amazon at a cost of INR 20 from May 10, 2021.

To support the author’s cause, brands like Thought Over Design and The Other Circle – PR India and Blue Tribe – Plant-based meat Brand have come forward.

Aakash Ranison has also partnered with a social enterprise focused on creating sustainable livelihoods through conservation and development of economies – Spiti Ecosphere. The proceeds from these platforms will be donated to the NGO which would further be used on their climate change drive.

“Working in the Plant-Based Meat industry, the team of BlueTribe shares the same passion for Climate Change as Aakash. The Book “Climate Change Explained – for one and all” is a step together from all of us to help everyone start their journey towards a sustainable future” acknowledged Sandeep Singh, Co-Founder, Blue Tribe.

“Being a design studio striving to create impact, we’ve been following Aakash’s work & journey for a while. Aligning with changemakers & entrepreneurs that have a vision for a better India and world allows us to use design as an enabler. Harnessing the power of illustration & information design, we hope the book is engaging for audiences across age groups. We’re honored to be a part of this endeavor!!” conveys Anushka Sani, Founder, Thought Over Design

“This book has offered us a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity to back someone who has such clear and powerful intentions for our planet,” says Aakanksha Gupta, CEO & Co-founder, The Other Circle PR India. “Climate change will affect generations to come, and starting now is key. We stand by Aakash and his vision for a cleaner, greener ecosphere for us all. His simple yet impactful initiative is fun, educative, easy to understand, thorough, and extremely relevant for us all in the current times.” she further added

“The spectacular but fragile Himalayas are at the frontlines of climate change. Inadequate snowfall and retreating glaciers have made the communities, especially in the high altitudes of Spiti, extremely vulnerable. We no longer can ignore human activities’ impact on nature. We must make sustainable changes in our lifestyle. Aakash’s book ‘Climate Change Explained for one and all will help everyone better understand the relationship between nature and humans and help live in harmony with it.” says Ishita Khanna, Founder, Spiti Ecosphere.

“Each partner played a very important role in this project. To summarise each partnership in a brief, Thought Over Design’s visual communication expertise makes it possible to communicate such a technical topic so well. BlueTribe’s understanding of the subject matter helped come up with impactful sustainable solutions. Spiti Ecosphere’s on-ground experience of handling climate issues helped in presenting the ground reality and solutions. The Other Circle’s experience & expertise in the media industry helped take the message of this “Climate Crisis” to everyone.” acknowledges Aakash Ranison on his partnership with the brands.


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