Archana S Dhurandhar Launches Her Debut Book Titled ‘The Soul Charger’

The Soul Charger by author Archana S Dhurandhar

Author, Archana S Dhurandhar launched her debut book titled ‘The Soul Charger: Energize Your Being, connect with the Divine, and Celebrate Life!’ Published by ‘Black Card Books’, the self-help book caters to a wide range of audience be it students, corporates, senior citizens and people from different walks of life. The book launch was held at the popular ‘Title Waves’ bookstore in Bandra this Monday, 25th March 2019.

The event began on an interesting note with a welcome address, followed by a book reading session. Furthermore the evening saw an insightful panel discussion on the topic ‘Follow Your Soul, It Knows The Way’ with participation from several  renowned dignitaries such as  Alternative Therapist Practitioner And Life Coach- Anjali Sengupta, Director, Producer & Columnist- Vikram Bhatt, Film Maker, Educationist and Motivational Speaker- Aruna Raje, Architect, Writer & Social Worker – Suchhanda Chatterjee, Tarot Card Reader, Healer and Coach- Roop Lakahni, Spiritual Counsellor- Chandrakant Gokani, and the author herself, Archana S Dhurandhar – Author, Creative Artist, Ecom & Marketing Professional & member of Brahmakumaris Workd Spiritual University. The session was moderated Megha Tata, Managing Director (Designate)- Discovery Networks.

Speaking about her debut book,Ms. Archana S Dhurandhar, said, “’The Soul Charger’ is an easy-to-read, self-help handy book that can be read at any given point of time to relax your mind and ease your flow of thoughts with useful ‘Thought Sanitizers’, ‘Positive Affirmations’ and a ‘Mind Gym’. It walks you through the journey of the soul and nourishes your mind with ‘Food for Thought’. Spirituality is a necessity in today’s fast-paced world and it is essential to spend every single day with positive vibes. I am eagerly looking forward to the launch of my first book, ‘The Soul Charger’, which was born out of my endeavour to create a literary version of peace and tranquillity.”

The book is available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Option since January 2019 through their website – here

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