DDB Mudra Group has unveiled its new e-book Point of New

DDB Mudra Group has unveiled its new e-book Point of New

DDB Mudra group unveiled Point of New which is an ebook and has a collection of articles examining shifts in consumer behavior after the pandemic hit. More than 600 Covid specific signs of social change were taken into account over the last eight months, through the Group’s proprietary Signbanking process. There are 15 essays being authored by the Group’s strategy team, which are guidelines for how to shape the decisions of this new world.

The e-book Point of View shows the effect of the new change in the habits in the post-Covid world on business, society, and people. The essays of the e-book talk about these new rituals that people have started following and the new modeled world on themes that keeps up the life going such as Identity, Being, Parenting, and Consuming, etc.

The research started when people’s behaviors and daily routines in their own environment naturally without enforcing. The anthropological approach helped to predict behavioral and cultural shifts, by aggregating the day to day activities.

Elaborating on the why behind the book, Amit Kekre, National Strategy Head, DDB Mudra Group says, “The pandemic has forced us to consider a new and hopefully a better tomorrow. Just how much better this new world will be, depends on how we construct it. It depends on the choices we make on our path to the new. While a lot has been said about the pandemic from a quantitative point of view, ‘Point of New’ goes a step further. The essays contemplate what aspects of the new world could be truly meaningful and which might need us to exercise caution as brand and business owners.”

Established in the year 1980, DDB Mudra Group is the country’s first integrated marketing communications and services network. DDB Mudra Group includes multiple agency brands such as 22feet Tribal Worldwide, DDB Mudra, Interbrand, TracyLocke, OMD Mudramax, Track, DDB Remedy, and Interbrand.

Download the copy at this link.

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