Dr Mahul Brahma’s book ‘Quarantined’ launched virtually

After the luxe trilogy, Dr Mahul Brahma’s latest book ‘Quarantined: Love in the time of Corona’ was virtually launched recently in a eLitFest. The book is an anthology of short stories of people locked down during this present crisis of Corona. The stories are of dark love and how these times recalibrate the human mind towards survival, ending up heightening instincts and emotions. And these heightened emotions force you to relook existing relationships and life, crisis changes you.

Dr Brahma is an author and luxury commentator. His luxe trilogy comprises Luxe Inferno, Dark Luxe and Decoding Luxe. He is an award-winning communicator and heads CSR and Comms for a Tata group company.

The first story of the book, Quarantined: Love in the time of Corona is about an affair between two office colleagues, the second explores the story of struggling model who indulges in multiple affairs. The third is about two people hooking up in an airport while the fourth is a narrative about a couple-both who indulge in an illicit affair. The fifth showcases a doctor’s paternal love to a girl who reminds him of his daughter while the last explores the complexity of the relationship between three people.

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