Fashion Designer Somwya Sharma Launches New Magazine Empowering Plus


The Delhi-based fashion designer, Somwya Sharma announced the launch of ‘Empowering Plus’, a monthly magazine targeting plus-size people and women empowerment.

The magazine focusses on plus-size people embracing the challenges, pleasures and opportunities that come with living a daring life. The magazine will also act as a platform for the Indian brands to showcase its services, range of products, and research on a variety of topics. The magazine also includes all aspects of lifestyle trends, from clothing, apparel, cosmetics, jewellery, art, fashion to celebrity interviews in India.

The 30-page online magazine is free of cost for the first three months. Presently, the magazine is available online but its print version will be out soon. (

Commenting on the same Ms. Somwya Sharma, Chief Editor and Founder- Empowering Plus said, “I am happy to announce the launch of my new magazine ‘Empowering Plus’. The ongoing pandemic and lockdowns failed to subdue the positivity and optimism which are so deeply imbibed in the Magazine. The magazine tends to bring out talent from all across the country in its zest to make plus-size people and women empowerment bring positivity. Through the launch of the magazine we will continue to strengthen our brand’s position in the market as an all-encompassing and go-to place for all Indians as we aspire to reach our goals.”

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