Gaurav Bajpai’s collection of 11 short stories, Folktales of Faujpur, released

Author Gaurav Bajpai announces the release of Fiction Book ‘Folktales of Faujpur’

Gaurav Bajpai releases his debut collection of 11 urban short stories – Folktales of Faujpur. Gaurav’s short story collection has been published by Notion Press. The book is also available in the ebook version which has already hit the web stores like kindle, google play store, iBooks, and kobo at INR 250.

Folktales of Faujpur tell various stories on the everyday life of city dwellers of the imaginary city – Faujpur. Cities are not just about tall buildings, broader roads, and parks, but it is also about the people, their memories, their beliefs, and experiences. As per Gaurav, stories are all around us, in the people we meet, the places we visit, and the conversations we make. There are some stories that go unnoticed, but there are many that are worth revisiting.

The book has eleven contemporary stories that speak for themselves. The stories are set in various locations common to a city such as an airport, a railway station, bookstores, beaches, hospitals, and many more. The urban folktales capture the experiences, dreams, and hopes of the Faujpur and its people. All the stories are inspired by the author’s life experiences and the people he met. Each story in the collection regains the voice that it deserves to enlighten, to claim its limelight, and engross its readers.

Speaking at the release of the book, Gaurav Bajpai, said, “From the beginning of our lives, stories are an integral part of it, be it from our grandparents, our kindergarten, or our day-to-day lives.  FoF is not just stories but experiences and interactions for most of us. The book has tried to capture the essence of these occurrences in the form of stories together in one place by making them a part of an imaginary town called Faujpur. I hope that these stories will captivate your thoughts and most importantly, touch your heart”.

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