Karan Puri releases Kindle Edition of Second Book #Me Too For Rs 10/-

Karan Puri's second book releases on Kindle

The much-awaited book #MeToo, of best-selling Indian author, columnist, and influencer Karan Puri is available as Kindle Edition for Rs. 10/-. This book was recently penned and now with the motive to reach a wider audience and aware more and more youngsters about the reality, this book has been launched on Kindle. Furthermore, to prepare the Indian youth to battle the harsh adversities and to increase awareness and make them more self-aware, Karan has started a movement on social media with the #metoobykaranpuri #metoo #standup #dontbeshy #speakupnow.

To bring to the fore real ‘Me Too’ stories of those who loosened their seals of silence… turning the ‘Shy’ to ‘Why???’, the author delves deeper into the deep dark stories and deepest crevices of scars of celebrities, men, women, common people, rural as well as urban; across age groups, financial backgrounds, educational and social credentials, and most importantly, genders.

The stories penned down does not include only the perceived angle of women as more vulnerable, men as more callous and vice versa and each of these are incredibly different and unique, written from a human perspective, without wearing any glasses.

This book inspires all of us to become more evolved and compassionate in our intimate connections and illuminates the resilience of human beings who’ve lived through the trauma of sexual violence. It shows that it is a serious crime if anybody violates the pre-defined boundary is disrespecting and harming that individual space of yours. A women-focused NGO working for sexual abuse has also been pronounced in the book by Karan and the Invincible published book is available on Amazon.

According to Karan Puri, “I want the book to be accessible to a wider audience so that the message is conveyed and it gives everyone the strength to speak up against violence. Sexual violence against women & children is a gross violation of children’s rights. Yet, it is a global reality across all countries and social groups. It can take the form of sexual abuse, harassment, rape or sexual exploitation in prostitution or pornography and can happen in homes, institutions, schools, workplaces, in travel and tourism facilities, within communities.  The idea is to come together and speak against the menace of sexual violence.”

An alumnus from the reputed Modern School (Barakhamba Road), Karan Puri is an Indian author and columnist. He completed his graduation in Economics from the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, USA with a citation in Finance from the leading Simon Business School.

“Shit Happens- Desi Boy in America”, Karan’s first fiction novel has been a bestseller and was mentioned in the India Today Top 20 books in 2012. Along with being a mentor in a few start-ups and a freelance writer in Lifestyle for various publications, he runs his own digital marketing consultancy. And apart from being a renowned Lifestyle blogger and leading Food Influencer, he has also worked in corporates like Coca-Cola and Ernst & Young to name a few. He used his love for writing and his writing potential to transform lives deeply. This proved to be a life-changing moment for him and the glorified journey continues.


Publisher- Invincible Publisher

Price- Rs. 199/- (original price)

Rs. 10.62/- (kindle edition)

Link to buy- https://www.amazon.in/Me-too-Karan-Puri/dp/8194818141/

The Hindi translated version is releasing soon.

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