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Launch of the book Where Kindness Spoke by Shivani Arora

MediaInfoline January 6, 2020

The book Where Kindness Spoke takes you through the inspirational journey of Dr. Kiran Bedi as lieutenant governor. It brings forth her virtues, social media interactions and leadership style.

The book is divided into two parts- while the first part gives you a quick glimpse of her tenure so far through her own tweets, blogs and leadership nuggets coupled with short crisp notes by the author, the second part takes you through the best practices she has introduced as the Lt. Gov. The one factor driving this path breaking model of leadership is kindness, purposeful kindness to be more precise.

The author has spoken to the entire team of Raj Nivas ( the officers known as the 10 AM team) and gathered information about each of these practices which reflect kindness, compassion and at the same time transparency. For example when you read about how through the open house grievances are addressed you to immediately connect it with the kindness and empathy with which Dr Bedi serves the people of Puducherry and when you read about how details of files disposed are shared on the website every week and how social media is being optimally used by Dr Bedi and her team, you will understand how transparency works in governance.

The aim of the book Where Kindness Spoke is to put forth this model of governance which has changed the administration of Puducherry completely to people because she believes this is a model which can be replicated by governments and organisations across the country.

The book has been written by Shivani Arora, a freelance journalist from Chennai with the support and guidance of Dr. Kiran Bedi. Every chapter includes either a tweet or a nugget or a blog written by Dr Kiran Bedi and also has a section of photographs to give you a glimpse of this model of governance where kindness truly spoke!

The book has been published by Sterling Publishers, New Delhi and has released today at the World Book Fair in New Delhi. Dr Kiran Bedi the Hon’ble Lt. Gov. of Puducherry has received the first copy and shared her views about the book.


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