PrintExpo 2023 Chennai: Showcasing Innovations in Print, Packaging, and Publishing

Vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of PrintExpo 2023 in Chennai, showcasing innovations in print, packaging, and publishing.


PrintExpo 2023 in Chennai will feature over 125 exhibitors showcasing advancements in the print, packaging, and publishing industry. The show aims to capitalize on the booming e-commerce segment and emerging technologies.


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PrintExpo 2023: Empowering the Printing Industry for the Future

The upcoming 13th edition of PrintExpo 2023 in Chennai is set to be a game-changer for the printing, packaging, and publishing industry in India. With over 125 exhibitors showcasing more than 250 brands, this trade fair promises to introduce the latest advancements in the field and serve as a robust platform for innovation and collaboration.

PrintExpo has long been recognized as South India’s largest trade fair in this sector, and it continues to fulfill its role of showcasing cutting-edge technologies and solutions. From printing machinery and packaging materials to publishing software and design services, visitors can expect a comprehensive display of the industry’s latest offerings.

The list of exhibitors includes globally renowned brands such as Canon India, Fujifilm India, and Konica Minolta, among others. Their presence not only adds prestige to the event but also provides visitors with the opportunity to witness live demonstrations and be inspired by their product displays.

One of the key drivers behind the success of PrintExpo is the booming e-commerce segment in India. As the demand for creative, attractive, automated, affordable, and sustainable solutions increases, the Indian printing industry has a significant opportunity to capitalize on this trend. Customization, digitization, and the integration of smart technologies are crucial facets that businesses must embrace to stay competitive in this evolving landscape.

The market potential for the Indian e-commerce packaging industry is vast, with reports forecasting substantial growth in the coming years. The predicted CAGR of 13.68% until 2029, reaching a value of USD 279.25 billion, clearly indicates that this is a sector ripe with opportunities. PrintExpo is strategically located in South India, an increasingly important region for the industry, making it the ideal platform to explore and seize these opportunities.

Moreover, the global digital printing packaging market is expected to reach USD 46.82 billion by 2029, with a CAGR of 8.93% between 2023 and 2029. This reinforces the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, which PrintExpo aims to highlight.

The show’s highlights, including live demonstrations of hi-tech machines performing prepress, press, and post-press functions, as well as advanced software and packaging solutions, promise to provide an immersive experience for the visitors. This is an invaluable opportunity for professionals in the printing and packaging industry to witness firsthand the potential of these innovations.

The visitor profile for PrintExpo is diverse, attracting professionals from advertising agencies, press owners, commercial printers, vendors, publishers, packaging experts, creative professionals, graphic designers, and more. The variety of attendees ensures that the event facilitates networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas, further fueling innovation and growth within the industry.

PrintExpo 2023 is poised to be an extraordinary and awe-inspiring exhibition. With a focus on empowering the printing industry for the future, this event will inspire, educate, and foster new possibilities. It is a testament to the remarkable achievements and advancements made in the printing, packaging, and publishing sectors.

As the industry prepares for PrintExpo 2023, it is clear that this event will allow businesses to scale and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the printing industry. The dedication of the organizers, the participation of global brands, and the range of solutions on display make PrintExpo an unmissable opportunity for anyone invested in the world of printing, packaging, and publishing.


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PrintExpo 2023 Chennai Gears Up for 13th Edition: Discover what goes in making packages, prints and publishing products

Scheduled from 3 – 5 August 2023 at Chennai Trade Centre, the Indian print, packaging and publishing industry is set to take center stage at PrintExpo. The show floor is already booked by 125+ exhibitors collectively showcasing 250+ brands and is prepared to introduce the advancements in the industry.

PrintExpo, known as South India’s largest trade fair in the printing, packaging and publishing segment, has continued to serve as a robust platform to showcase an exciting line-up of the latest innovations from the industry. Printing machinery, packaging materials, publishing software, converting systems, signage technologies, label printing, design services, digital printing solutions, offset printing, and more are among many other solutions to be displayed at the show.

Amongst 125+ prominent exhibitors, some of the globally acclaimed brands participating are Ashwin Enterprises, Canon India, Cerofoil, DCC Print, Fujifilm India, Konica Minolta, Minosha India, Monotech, Reprographics India, Riso India, Venkataraman Graphics, among others, will fascinate visitors with their product displays and live demos.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the 13th edition of PrintExpo, Mr Raj Manek, Executive Director and Board Member, Messe Frankfurt Asia Holding Ltd, stated: “We are elated to present the industry with PrintExpo’s 13th edition which is going to be a confluence of creative minds. We are a month away from the show and I am confident to say that this edition will offer a huge opportunity to scale businesses with the boom in the e-commerce segment and emerging technologies. We celebrate the remarkable achievements and advancements from the printing, packaging and publishing industry to make the show floor extraordinary. We welcome you to explore and experience what goes behind the scenes of beautiful prints, packages and published products.”

A recent article published by MarketWatch featured an interesting industry insight from a study conducted by Report Ocean – a strategic consulting and market research firm. The Indian e-commerce packaging market size was valued at USD 115.25 billion in 2022. Their study forecasts the India e-commerce packaging market size to grow at an impressive CAGR of 13.68% reaching a value of USD 279.25 billion during the forecasted period of 2023-2029.

Strategically located in south India, the next fastest-growing region in the segment, the spirit of the show is driven by the demand for creative, attractive, automated, affordable and sustainable solutions with the booming e-commerce business. The show will attract active buyers, key decision-makers and influencers and help in developing long-lasting relationships with the exhibitors. The industry has a huge opportunity to capitalise the businesses through customisation, digitisation and integration of smart technologies in the machinery and softwares.

Sharing his vision, Mr Ashok Neelkant, Managing Director, Showcase Trade Fairs And Business Media Private Limited, shared: “We are delighted to host PrintExpo 2023 – the 13th edition which is set to be the most extraordinary and awe-inspiring exhibition yet. With cutting-edge technology, solutions, innovative concepts on show and a diverse range of exhibitors, PrintExpo 2023 is certainly bound to captivate attendees and redefine printing. We look forward to welcoming you to an extraordinary experience that will inspire, educate, and forge new possibilities.”

As per a report by IMARC, The Indian commercial printing market was valued at USD 33.2 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 41.6 billion exhibiting a growth rate (CAGR) of 3.4% during 2023-2028, while as per the report published by Exactitude Consultancy, the global digital printing packaging market value is expected to reach USD 46.82 billion by 2029, growing at an 8.93% CAGR between forecast period 2023 to 2029.

The highlights of the show will be a live demo of hi-tech machines performing prepress, press and post press functions, advanced software, signage/POP/POS, packaging and converting, as well as ancillary equipment like barcoding, rubber rollers and printing rollers, printing plates and blankets, among other wide range of products.

The visitor profile includes diverse audiences like advertising agencies, press owners, commercial printers, vendors, publishers, packaging professionals, brand marketing managers, OOH advertising and media companies, creative professionals, art directors, label-offset-screen printers, digital printers, graphic designers, photographers and videographers. The show also attracts visitors from companies whose products are heavily dependent paper printing and packaging solutions.


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