Samir Soni’s debut book, “My Experiments with Silence” to be published by OM Books International


Samir Soni will be writing his debut book, “My Experiments with Silence” on anxiety and self -discovery. Slated for release in 2021, this will be a deeply personal account of Samir’s dialogues with himself during his growing up years in Delhi, his stint at Wall Street and his time in Bollywood.

Samir Soni said, “For the longest time a notebook and a pen have been my closest companions. Every thought or emotion that I couldn’t share, went into my diary. Writing has been a catharsis of sorts. “My Experiments with Silence” documents in prose and poetry some of my darkest, most intense and introspective thoughts. After the pandemic in 2020, with millions forced to look within and deal with isolation, anxiety and depression, I thought it was time for me to share my personal struggles, which are more relevant than ever before. I was fortunate to find a perfect ally in OM Books International, who shared a similar vision. The book will be an ode to anyone who has fought/ is fighting their inner demons.”

The book has been agented by Preeti Chaturvedi. Speaking about the acquisition, Preeti said, “When I first read through Samir’s writing, I was drawn in because what he wrote was so raw and relatable. It’s rare to come across celebrities who write with such honesty and are unabashed to share their inner conflicts with the world. We were looking for a publisher who would be able to handle this subject with the decency and sensitivity that it deserves and we found the partner we were looking for in OM Books International.”

Speaking about the acquisition, Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri, Editor in Chief, OM Books International said, “On behalf of Om Books Inter, it gives me great pleasure to sign up well-known actor Samir Soni for My Experiments with Silence, truly a book with a difference. This past year has introduced us all to living with anxiety and stress like never before. Drawing from his own experiences, Samir address these issues and the coping mechanisms he has for dealing with stressful times and situations. In these eloquent notes to himself, he provides the readers with a roadmap to heal the wounded self. I was struck by the honesty and empathy he brings to the subject and I am sure that will resonate with all readers.”

The book will be released in 2021.

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