‘Tatsat Chronicle’, India’s first social-sector publication launched

Tatsat Chronicle is dedicated to India’s rapidly evolving social sector

Delhi-based Tatsat Foundation launched its monthly magazine ‘Tatsat Chronicle’, dedicated to India’s rapidly evolving social sector. The magazine will appraise and examine stakeholders striving to create a more equitable society.

“Keeping the reader informed and engaged through debates that highlight and stimulate ideas, by offering case studies and well-researched insights form ‘Tatsat Chronicle’s’ main objective. The magazine will cover the entire gamut of social-sector activities in India and abroad. The digital platform of the magazine will present an enhanced version of the print edition. ‘Tatsat Chronicle’ will highlight the most pressing social issues of the day. The magazine will examine and appraise the role played by various stakeholders engaged in this sector by acting as facilitator for debate and discussion. This will be done with the help of featured articles, case studies, insights, mapping emerging trends, emerging technologies, case studies,” said Dr. Sumi Gupta, Editor-In-Chief.

In its inaugural issue, the magazine critically examines the functioning of India’s vast clinical trial industry for drugs and vaccines besides in-depth reporting on the CSR activities and impact of Covid on the social sector. 

Brought out by ‘Tatsat Foundation’, an organization that strongly focuses on social-sector education, the exclusively subscription-driven magazine will be sent directly to key decision-makers in the corporate sector PSUs, government departments NGOs and Corporates. Elaborating further Dr. Gupta said, “It’s an established fact that the social sector impacts the lives of millions of people in India. It is one of the biggest generators of direct and indirect employment and plays a critical role in the last-mile delivery of goods and services.

The magazine will have some of the most experienced hands at work including journalists, analysts, researchers, and domain experts who will break down the most critical issues and trends that impact India’s vast social sector today. The four pillars of ‘Tatsat Chronicle’ – social sector, social welfare, CSR-Philanthropy and Conservation-Sustainability – will form an important guiding force behind the magazine.”

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