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The author of Harp, Mr. Nidhi Dalmia reads from his coming of age novel

MediaInfoline March 17, 2017

Mr. Nidhi Dalmia, the author of Harp read from his novel set behind the Iron Curtain at Oxford book store yesterday. The event was co-hosted by Authors Upfront along with Oxford. Mr. Sunit Tandon, former CEO, Lok Sabha Television channel and Director General, Indian Institute of Mass Communication was present at the reading and he was the moderator of the event. Currently, Mr. Tandon is President of the Delhi Music Society and Director of the Yatrik theatre group.

Mr. Dalmia, an industrialist by profession, a travel enthusiast and a music lover who has always been passionate about writing finally decided to put pen to paper pouring out his experiences from travelling around the world and meeting people from various walks of life, authoring his first novel “Harp”.

Mr. Dalmia has a strong academic background; he is an alumni of St. Stephen college, Delhi followed by further studies at Oxford University, the Sorbonne and Harvard Business School.  Harp is a moving book that talks about love, sacrifice and passion. Harp is romantic fiction that transports one to the late sixties and all the changes taking place then. Harp revolves around its three young characters; Ashok, Lauren and Aparna, their emotional voyages and how their lives intertwine with each other.

Speaking at the event Mr. Dalmia said,We all have stories to tell, I wanted to describe the hope and idealism of the 60’s that I and many others thought would never end, the coming of age and growing up in the late 60’s. How the themes conveyed were universal and how music interspersed with everyday life in those times. I wanted to write about the universality of human emotions and feelings. To tell a tale about how love and obligation compartmentalize people, making them choose between love and duty, between the head and the heart, between one’s social contract and what one wants. The individual choices one has to make with profound consequences. To portray a deeply felt love story, as different as any personal experience can be.”

Harp also gives a description of socio- economic situation in India and abroad prevalent at the time. It has elements of the Dairy Industry and Business management however Mr. Dalmia’s writing makes them interesting for a lay person.


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