“The Pursuit of Reputation”, a compelling book on the nuances of contemporary Public Relations


Amidst book lovers and industry experts, seasoned public relations (PR) professionals Amith Prabhu and Sujit Patil launched their first book The Pursuit of Reputation in Mumbai. Hosted by Westland Books, the event was graced by industry pioneers Roger Pereira and Bela Rajan, who shared insights from their journey in the industry. The book, which was released by Tanya Dubash, Executive Director, and Chief Brand Officer, Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies, uncovers the art of thriving in India’s ever-shifting PR landscape and helps in charting a path towards modern-day reputation management in uncertain times.

Speaking on the occasion, Karthika V.K., Publisher of Westland Books, said, ‘PR is integral to every kind of brand and reputation building but it remains a lesser-known aspect of business for those outside of it. What Sujit Patil and Amit Prabhu have done is put the focus firmly on the skills, techniques, and training required to make a success of PR as a profession while also sharing insider tips and advice from other leading professionals.’

On the release, Amith Prabhu, co-author, The Pursuit of Reputation, said, This book is about the art and craft of public relations. Our aim is to bring various aspects of the profession to life through this book. The journey of writing this book through the lockdown was amazing. Sujit and I have jointly decided that the proceeds from this book will go towards the higher education of deserving youngsters who want to make a career in PR and corporate communications.’

Sujit Patil, co-author, The Pursuit of Reputation, added, Our book is a wholehearted documentation of our combined knowledge and over forty years of hands-on experience in building the reputations of large corporations and brands using contemporary thinking and processes. As first-time authors, we are super excited about what we believe is an important book. We are confident that this book will be as relevant to a young graduate as it will be to a CEO. It will also be useful for those in corporate communications and public relations consulting and for everyone who has something to do with the public relations space.’

Speaking at the event, Tanya Dubash, Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer, Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies, said, ‘Sujit and Amith’s contemporary thinking and approach to public relations is unique. I found the book to be a riveting read that advocates the use of technology, creativity, emotions, research and modern public relations techniques for building brands. A compelling read for every organisational leader who is in pursuit of a great reputation.’ 

Rajesh Chaturvedi, Co-founder and Chairman, Adfactors PR, added, ‘Reputation takes years to build but can be destroyed in a matter of minutes. Hence, in this complex world, reputation management has become an insightful combination of the art and science of communications, and this book establishes the interplay between the two in a lucid manner. A must-read for every professional in any organisation serious about reputation management.’

Bela Rajan, Founder, Sampark, said, ‘This book outlines a set of contemporary competencies required for an effective and successful public relations career. I believe it’s a must-read not only for every young aspiring professional to build a strong foundation in public relations but also for other allied marketing professionals to understand the nuances and efficacy of this practice.’

Sam Balsara, Chairman, Madison World, said, ‘The thin line between marketing, advertising and public relations has blurred over the years. The philosophy of POEMS (paid, owned, earned media strategies) is well explained in this book and I recommend it to every marketing and communications professional. I believe advertisers who spend lakhs of rupees on advertising but don’t use professional PR services are missing out on a valuable marketing driver.’ 

The Pursuit of Reputation published by Westland under its Westland Business imprint is available for preorder.

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