Mathrubhumi Group unveils its real estate portal

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Mathrubhumi has launched an online real estate platform, for global Malayalee to access home anywhere, anytime. The online portal was launched by M P Veerendra Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director, Mathrubhumi Group, along with Mathrubhumi officials.

The venture marks one more milestone in digital initiative of Mathrubhumi. Consumers can rent/lease, buy, and sell a wide variety of property ranging from residential properties, commercial buildings, and many more, which can be listed for free on Designed in a completely user-friendly manner, the portal enables users to find properties of their choice in the fastest and easiest way. As an interactive platform this portal is also available in Android and iOS applications in mobile.

The newly designed logo of, combines simplicity, elegance and an element of familiar warmth. The logo uses a pair of sparrows almost like ‘brand ambassadors’ resemblance of our fond memories of our childhood, in which sparrows used to fly in our homes and get busy looking for food or searching for spaces to build their nest. The correlation between nests and sparrows is so strong, it lends itself beautifully to a portal specialised in dwellings. The primary colour of yellow and white perfectly balance the browns of the sparrows and reflects optimism and dynamism, logo that is truly ‘ready to fly’.

Speaking about the launch, MP Veerendra Kumar said “Mathrubhumi has been the bedrock of trust and an integral part of Kerala for the last 9 decades., Mathrubhumi’ s latest digital venture, will help every Malayalee understand the new trends and changes taking place in Kerala’s real estate industry and act as a smarter tool for buying, renting and selling properties everywhere in the state”.

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