‘THE FINAL RUSH’- national flash sale launched by Tata Housing

Tata Housing begins 'The Final Rush'

‘THE FINAL RUSH’- a national flash sale applicable on 15 projects across India has been launched by one of the leading real estate development companies in India, Tata Housing Development Company (THDC). To help homebuyers make the most of this end of the year, the ‘THE FINAL RUSH’ flash sale is designed keeping in mind the end of the financial year this month along with the recently announced additional government benefits on stamp duty in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Ranging from Rs. 2 Lakhs- Rs. 21 Lakhs on projects across India, ‘THE FINAL RUSH’ flash sale campaign will enable homebuyers to make big savings. This limited-time period flash sale will last for 72 hours, starting from 12th March at 2:00 PM IST and ending on 15th March at 2:00 PM IST. This limited inventory offer is applicable on 150 Units and 15 Projects across India ranging from Rs. 20 Lakhs to Rs. 6 Cr. Offered at a special price for the flash sale window, the company has identified 10 preferred units for each participating project. Depending upon the value of the unit, the homebuyer will be required to deposit a token amount of 1/2/3 Lakhs to book a unit. To avail the best possible price, the flash sale shall offer the interested buyers a unique opportunity window.

Speaking on the launch of this campaign, Mr. Sanjay Dutt, MD & CEO, Tata Realty & Infrastructure Limited said, “With the financial year drawing to a close, we felt this was an opportune time to introduce a one-of-its-kind flash sale in the industry to help homebuyers. The residential market has been gradually but surely recovering and climbing the upward growth trajectory. Designed keeping in mind that homebuyers are seeking great deals, government and taxation benefits this month, we are confident that this limited time, limited inventory sale will receive a great response across the length and breadth of the country. At Tata Housing, we pride ourselves on being able to understand homebuyer needs and we constantly aim to delight the homebuyers. This flash sale is another step to help homebuyers invest in their dream homes in these times of uncertainty.”

Mr. Sarthak Seth, Chief Marketing Officer, Tata Realty & Infrastructure Limited, shared that “We have always been a digital-first company and the pandemic has only aggravated the level of digitalization within our organization. Throughout the past year, we have been launching various campaigns that are consumer-centric in nature and lessen the financial burden on homebuyers. ‘The Final Rush’ is an extremely unique offer and will give buyers who missed out on opportunities to book with us earlier to purchase a home with this exclusive offer. We have opted for a 360-degree marketing plan for amplifying the flash sale. A mix of traditional and digital approach will enable us to reach out to prospective homebuyers across urban and semi-urban markets. For this campaign, we are commissioning a mix of print inserts, hoardings at prime locations, radio, cinema advertisements and digital to reach our audience. With a widespread reach, this is certainly one of the most innovative large-scale campaigns we have rolled out in recent times.”

Further adding, Mr. Amit Parsuramka, Chief Sales & CRM Officer, Tata Realty & Infrastructure Limited said, “Aptly named after the year-end rush in March, the flash sale is a great opportunity for homebuyers who have been waiting for purchasing a home. The dual benefit of the year end offer and benefits introduced by the government will enable homebuyers to purchase their dream home in the location of their choice from 15 residential projects. An offer like this is hard to miss and will certainly boost demand as homebuyers can avail benefits up to Rs. 21 Lakhs! We are hopeful that the financial assistance offered by this flash sale will motivate homebuyers to invest in their safe havens. We will evaluate the response and accordingly plan to introduce similar campaigns in the future.”

Key Features of Tata Housing’s ‘THE FINAL RUSH’ flash sale:

  • A total of 150 units shall be made available across the 15 projects
  • 10% payment to be collect within 30 days and 100% within 90 days for RTMI and as per payment plan for under construction units
  • A total of 15 projects are applicable under the scheme
  • Offer shall be applicable only on limited units in the participating projects
  • The Flash sale will enable homebuyers to make big savings up to Rs. 21 Lakhs
  • To book a unit, customer is required to give the booking amount, preference shall be given to credit/debit card transaction over NEFT/cheque.
  • Token Amount is dependent on the Agreement Value (AV) of the project.

         For AV less than 1 Cr., the token amount is 1 Lakh;

         For AV between 1 Cr. and 2 Cr., token amount is 2 Lakh;

         For AV greater than 2 Cr., the token amount is 3 Lakh.\

  • Flash sale shall have a window of 72 hours starting from 12th March 2021, 2:00 pm onwards till 15th March 2021, 2:00 pm
  • Application money to be refunded only if customer informs about cancellation within 7 days of receiving booking amount.
  • 10 units have been identified for each participating project which shall be offered at a special price for the flash sale window

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