92.7 BIG FM Presents Radio Feature Film ‘Maa Ka Sapna’


92.7 BIG FM, India’s largest and No.1 radio network, with its constant aim of providing engaging content to its listeners, aired a radio feature film based on a new theme this Mother’s Day, across its 45 markets in India. The radio network, which emphasized on the theme of importance of educating the girl child in its previous radio film – ‘Maa Ke Aanchal Mein’, this year highlighted the sacrifices made by every mother in the process of taking care of her family. The two-hour film aptly titled – ‘Maa Ka Sapna’ features the story of a mother and her lost passion, which her children help relive.

The film featured contemporary actress Swara Bhaskar in the lead across HSM markets and Kolkata. Whereas, the movie directed by contemporary director Sumana Kittur titled ‘Ammana Kanasu’ which was aired in South Indian markets (Bangalore, Mysore, and Mangalore) featured popular actress Sudha Belwadi in the lead. Popular TV celeb Uma Padmanabhan played the lead in the film was which aired in Chennai and Pondicherry markets by the network.

A mother is the central character in everyone’s life. She is the one who moulds her entire family, helping her kids chase their dreams and live their passion. In the process, a mother often leaves behind her own dreams getting engaged in the struggle of the daily routine, eventually finding happiness in the success of her family. This real life story of almost every mother was showcased in the film ‘Maa Ka Sapna’. The story unfolds with the children realizing the struggle and sacrifices of their mother, further helping her relive her dreams. The radio feature film was 92.7 BIG FM’s way of paying an ode to the mothers by enlightening the listeners about the equal importance of her passion.

Speaking on the radio feature film 92.7 BIG FM spokesperson said, “Our previous feature film ‘Maa Ke Aanchal Mein’ for Mother’s day received a positive response from the listeners. It further strengthened our belief in the concept, based on which we came up with yet another informative theme for this year’s Mother’s Day. ‘Maa Ka Sapna’ is a film which helps listeners realize the sacrifices made by a mother, and educate them to give equal importance to a mother’s dream. As a radio network, with our strong reach our aim was to spread this message far and celebrate Mother’s Day by paying tribute to mothers on a larger scale.”

92.7 BIG FM also tied up with NGOs ‘Humara Bachpan’, led by Kiran Sonawne, ‘Teresa The Ocean of Humanity Foundation’ led by Prince Tiwari in Mumbai and ‘CRY Foundation’ in Delhi to make mother’s day special for underprivileged slum children. The radio channel organised a special PVR movie screening of the film “Nil Battey Sannata” on the occasion of Mother’s Day, where 100 children participated from these NGOs. The movie screening received an overwhelming response from the children and the participating NGOs.


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