Ad rates increased to Pre-Covid levels by Fever FM effective immediately

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Ad rates of HT Media-owned Fever FM have been increased to Pre-Covid levels and these new rates will be effective immediately across all its markets including the likes of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata.

The media industry suffered at large last financial year and owing to the pandemic, radio, in particular, witnessed a year of softness and the overall macroeconomic uncertainties and liquidity crisis. Significantly adding to the slowdown in the revenues were the limited advertising spends by commercial advertisers and muted government ads.

We are slowly seeing an increase in Radio advertising volumes, as the country is opening up. As advertisers get back to normalcy and reinvest in business growth, back to pre covid levels. Fever FM has announced its decision to increase the ad rates to Pre-Covid levels, in view of the same.

Commenting on the decision, Ramesh Menon, CEO, Fever FM said “After a tough 2020, businesses are entering 2021 with a renewed sense of optimism. The vaccination is entering phase 2 and will act as a shot in the arm in boosting the overall buyer sentiment. One remarkable thing that has stayed during these challenging times has been the growth in radio listenership. Fever FM in particular has been consistently displaying promising growth and maintaining its leadership position as the No.1 Bollywood station across Delhi, Mumbai Bangalore & Kolkata. With advertising volumes and demand back, we do believe its time for ad rates to move up as well.”

With leadership across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore (Non-Kannada space) and Kolkata, Fever FM is the fastest growing radio network in the country. Fever FM expanded its footprint from 4 to 13 cities and stations (Bareilly, Delhi, Aligarh, Mumbai, Allahabad, Bengaluru, Gorakhpur, Kolkata, Agra, Chennai, Kanpur, Hyderabad and Lucknow) and apart from that Fever FM launched Fever Hyderabad and 7 stations in UP and also launched the first-ever acquisition in the history of radio – Fever Chennai.  Across all the metros, the station has a combined reach of 15MN+.

* Source RAM 2020, IRS 2020

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