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Big FM Highlights An Important Aspect About A Child’s Passion With #Recodewhatchildrenwant

MediaInfoline November 17, 2018

BIG FM bolstered its objective of providing entertainment with a cause by celebrating Children’s Day with #Recodewhatchildrenwant. The week-long campaign from 8th – 14th Nov aimed at shedding light on how the dreams of children today are suppressed due to societal norms. The campaign enlightened the parents regarding the need to know and support their child’s passion and not persuade them to follow/go down the traditional thought process. It gained immense positive support from renowned personalities and celebrities who shared inspiring stories about their childhood and supporting their own child’s dreams. The activity culminated with the radio network sharing the stories of parents and kids who have followed their passion and jointly become an inspiration for the world.

With the intent to inspire the parents to back their child’s passion, BIG FM initiated a social experiment with a few kids and their parents. It included a video where the kids speak about their aspirations for when they grow up with some of them being unrealistic. However, the plot concludes on a positive note, when the parents of these kids admit to be supportive of their child’s thoughts and passions. The video was released across social media platforms of BIG FM on Children’s Day with an aim to help every parent realise the need to support their child’s dream and make them successful. The radio network also curated a jingle resonating with the theme of the activity that was played on-air throughout the duration of the campaign.

Speaking about the campaign, BIG FM spokesperson said, “BIG FM has been a harbinger/ forerunner of change across societal issues by bringing forth inspiring stories and meaningful concepts. This Children’s Day, we wanted to add more meaning to the purpose of celebrating the occasion by being the voice for the kids who are quite unaware of the real-world expectations. By inspiring parents to support their child’s dream, we intend to witness our future generation being more engaged in what they do and bring about a positive change in the society. With the number of inspiring stories that we received and the overwhelming response that our social experiment video is gaining, on the social media platforms, bears testimony to the fact that #Recodewhatchildrenwant clearly struck a chord with the kids and parents across the nation.”

Celebrities such as Juhi Chawla, Javed Akhtar, Farah Khan, Neha Dhupia and Sunny Deol among others added to the campaign’s inspirational aspect by sharing interesting anecdotes related to their child’s dreams.

Neha Dhupia while speaking about her childhood said, “I believe whatever you do, when you have given your 100%, and have put in all your hardwork and efforts, after a point leave it to god and destiny. I never had any peer pressure and nobody should have that. Every day you want to succeed for yourself and for your satisfaction, not for other people.”

BIG FM MJs built an inspiring persona each day around the campaign by adopting a famous personality who has been successful by following his/her childhood dreams. It highlighted the importance of parental support through stories about the support and hard work of the parents and families of these renowned personalities that contributed in fulfilling their dreams. The MJs also connected with kids who have planned to pursue their dreams. Their stories along with details of who inspires them to become successful were played on-air. The top 10 inspiring stories were selected, and those kids were connected to their idol for a fun and candid chat on the radio. The radio network, through all these engaging and thought-provoking activities linked back to the underlying message for the parents to decode ‘What the Children Want’.

Link to the social experiment: here


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