BIG FM launches ‘Namma Super Bengaluru’ with RJ Rockstar Rohit

BIG FM launches ‘Namma Super Bengaluru’

BIG FM is known to provide entertainment with a purpose and inspire its listeners. Through their unique content and thought-provoking offerings and in line with their brand ideology, the radio network recently launched its latest show ‘Namma Super Bengaluru’ with RJ Rockstar Rohit. This show celebrates the unrelenting and enterprising spirit of the Bengalureans. RJ Rockstar Rohit is known for his witty, dynamic and relatable persona and this fan’s favourite RJ regales some of the best personalities on air. By lauding the many aspects that prove why there is no other city like Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, Rohit will build a connection with listeners. The awe-inspiring show will air every evening from Monday to Saturday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

This city is known to be a melting pot of cultures as it serves delicious food and architectural heritage to be a hub for innovation and technology. The rich arts and culture and the graciously warm people have further led it to carve a niche for itself as one of the most progressive cities in India. BIG FM with the show Namma Super Bengaluru, celebrates every aspect of the city that makes it Super! Featuring the Super Bengalureans making the city and its people proud, the show includes entrepreneurs and innovators to local heroes who are bringing about a positive change in society through their work. The show will also celebrate and rejoice the various pride aspects as it features and sheds light on the city being the breeding ground for startups and putting India’s IT sector on the global map along with talking about its people who are extremely free-spirited, culturally rich and enterprising.

Commenting on the show, Mr. Sunil Kumaran, Country Head – Product, Marketing and THWINK BIG, BIG FM said, “Bengaluru is one of the most diverse and inclusive cities in our country. It is the perfect confluence of modern advancements and traditional culture, coupled with the relentless spirit of the people. Through our new show Namma Super Bengaluru we are celebrating everything that makes this flourishing city distinctive and welcoming. We are certain that RJ Rohit will engage and enthral listeners with its relatable and localized content while also reinforcing a positive effect on people.” 

Speaking about the show, RJ Rockstar Rohit said, “As a Bengalurean, I feel proud to be part of a show which commemorates the spirit of my home city and its people. I look forward to engaging with my audience with our culturally enhanced content and empower them through fascinating and inspirational conversations of our local superheroes along with various enriching interactions and contests. I would like to thank BIG FM for giving me the opportunity to entertain my listeners through this power packed show.”

To help the ones in need in whatever capacity they can, selflessly, people from all walks of life are coming forward like never before in the last few months. Namma Super Bengaluru is shining the spotlight on these local superheroes and the amazing work done by them. The show will also feature celebrity interactions which will add to the listener engagement, and a series of contests ensuring the listeners are hooked to the show. The show is being extensively promoted across social media platforms of BIG FM and its partner platforms. Keeping the ever-growing interest of the listeners in audio, the show is perfectly in sync with the brand’s philosophy of ‘Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho’.

So, tune in to BIG FM’s Bengaluru station, Monday-Saturday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm to engage, interact and listen to the inspiring stories of local superheroes.

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