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BIG FM Spreads A Message For Eco-Conscious Growth On World Environment Day

MediaInfoline June 12, 2018

This World Environment Day (5thJune), BIG FM, one of India’s largest radio networks, reinforced the urgent need for environmental conservation and sustainability, across the country. The radio network time and again has taken various initiatives to make the future generation aware of the adverse effects of pollution. With an intent to create a significant impact and make our environment cleaner, healthier and sustainable, BIG FM MJs this year, led activities in multiple cities pledging to draw citizens’ attention towards eco-conscious growth.

Commenting on the initiative, BIG FM spokesperson said, “As a network with such an extensive reach across regions in the country, we consider it our primary responsibility to create awareness aboutimportant issues. So, on World Environment Day, we took charge to remind people about the pressing issue of the rising pollution levels. We adopted innovative and engaging activities led by our BIG MJs to get the message across and we hope to have encouraged citizens to consciously contribute towards making our planet a better place to live.”

Plastic consumption has been one of the major contributing factors of pollution generated in the environment. In line with UN’s initiative of #BeatPlasticPollution, BIG FM Kolkata, Delhi, Kanpur, Patna and Jammu initiated campaigns ensuring strong communication to boycott the use of plastic; while other region stations have conducted activities for restoring a sustainable environment.

BIG FM Bengaluru –

BIG FM Bengaluru’s popular MJ Shurti along with students of Bethany Institutions Bangalore planted saplings of medicinal plants in their school campus in order to create an eco-friendly environment. here

BIG FM Kolkata –

BIG FM Kolkata communicated the strong message of leading a pollution-free life by creating a song without use of any electronic instruments or gadgets. Referred to as the Green Song based on its ‘A capella’ music, the lyrics appeal to the citizens to reconnect with nature andbuild a clean and green environment. The songalso features BIG MJs Sumanta, Nilanjan, Pamela, Khas Koushik and Shrutiin an engaging music video conveying – “If music can be gadget free, life can be plastic free as well”. here

BIG FM Delhi –

BIG MJ Khurafati Nitin, who is often seen taking a stand on burgeoning social issues, encouraged the audience to “Say no to Plastic”. Through an engaging video on social media, he sensitised people on the adverse effects of plastic consumption and encouraged them to pledge to make the world plastic-free. here

BIG FM Kanpur –

BIG MJ Shiv from Kanpur also spread the pivotal message of the hazards of using plastic under #BeatPlasticPollution initiative. He, along with political dignitaries on his show sensitized people of the Kanpur city to avoid using plastic and its harmful effects can be a threat of one’s life too.

BIG FM Patna –

The radio station in Patna too conducted a week-long on-air campaign on “Say no to Plastic” where BIG MJ Vijeta interviewed political dignitaries of Patna- DM Kumar Ravi, Road construction Minister Nand Kishore Yadav,Patna Mayor SitaSahu& Bihar Pradushan Board Chairman & Scientist Ashok Kumar Ghoshwho shared their views on the ill effects of plastic. BIG FM team along with Patna Municipal Corporation have also initiated to remove plastic from roads & distribute cloth bags in order to keep the city plastic-free.

BIG FM Jammu –

BIG FM Jammu carried out a week long campaign on #BeatPlasticPollution. BIG MJs distributed more than 1000 cloth bags and biodegradable bags to the vendors and the general public in market areas encouraging them to take a pledge to boycott the use of plastic bags & other plastic products. On the radio network’s suggestion, even temples in Jammu have initiated to dispose the flowers offered to the almighty in an eco-friendly manner.

BIG FM Guwahati –

BIG MJ Aaliya also promoted “Say no to Plastic” on the streets of Guwahati urging people to switch using cloth bags instead. here

BIG FM Pune –

BIG FM Pune MJs along with Giant Cycle initiated the movement to bring back the former title “Bicycle City” to Pune. While citizens opt to commute via motor vehicles instead of bicycles today, BIG MJs Sangram, Bandya and Jyonita conducted their respective shows live on the World Environment Day by riding bicycles across the city and promoting #ReCycle.

BIG FM Nagpur –

• BIG MJs in Nagpur planted 101 trees at Aakar group of Institutions and urged people to donate saplings on-air.
• MJ Nisha led an interesting on-air as well as on-ground campaign to keep the surroundings clean by not spitting on the roads.
• In addition to the activities, the radio station also honoured those people of the city who have made noteworthy contributions towards keeping the environment clean and green. here

BIG FM Hyderabad –

BIG MJs in Hyderabad planted 100 saplings with kids from government schools and each sapling was named after the kids who planted it.


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